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The Effect Of The Pandemic On Self-Employed Entrepreneurs

After the declaration of the Covid-19 pandemic, lockdown regimes were decreed worldwide as an attempt not to spread the virus. For that reason, people should remain in their houses. Undeniably, quarantine has affected many people in mental, physical, and financial aspects, and it has happened to people all over the world.

Self-employed entrepreneurs suffered from the lack of assistance and the decrease in customers and sales. They found themselves obliged to reinvent themselves to survive. Marina Falco, the owner of a beauty salon in São Paulo, Brazil, is one of those who had to reinvent herself.

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"It looks like a roller coaster", said Marina about the instability in the activities of her beauty salon during Pandemic. She told that having a financial reserve was what kept her business afloat without major concerns, even with the drop in the number of customers.

To reinvent and adapt the establishment to the safety protocols due to the Covid-19 crisis, Marina had to fire some employees "so that I could spend more time with customers and do something more personalized and cozier, besides giving time to clean the environment to meet the next client", she complimented. Marina also reported the difficulty of negotiating the rent with the estate agency, because they didn't want to lower the rate.

[bf_image id="f7pqqm5xj43rn97bjttx7hgv"] Winnie Yukari, the heiress of a small clothing company in São Paulo, also went through problems to maintain a small establishment during the Pandemic. "I’m going to have to close the physical store, relying only on online sales", she vented. To adapt herself, she started producing and selling masks: "That’s what made us able to go to the supermarket for a few months", she reported.


The article above was edited by Nicole Leslie.

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