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Easy Sweet Garden: 5 Perfect Plants For Those Who Don’t Know How To Plantcare

Do you want to start your journey in the garden world and are afraid of picking the wrong plants? This article is here to help you! In order to have a successful garden in your house, Her Campus Casper Libero selected five options which are perfect for beginners. Check them all in the list below!

Snake Plant

With large vertical leaves that are sharp like daggers, they are easy to maintain with little water and light so they can be used as an indoor accessory to your house decor. It is also a great plant for purifying the air as it converts CO2 into O2 overnight.

Golden Photos Vine

Now, this plant also doesn’t require a high intake of water and light but needs care because it can grow uncontrollably. They are better off in a hanging vase seen as the leaves and vines take up space and can make a beautiful cascading greenery.

Spider Plant

With arching leaves, this plant is not only gorgeous but it also grows offsets around its roots creating a fuller pot once it reaches full growth. They are better planted in pots and all they need is a regular trim. As for the other nutrients, Spider is not picky at all and will favor any temperature, soil, and minimal water.


A beautiful, colorful, flower like plant. The bromeliad comes from the Pineapple family, hence the Hawaiian looking beauty. Their natural habitat is warm and bright so make sure to put them in a sunlit area. The water requirements are so easy, as you only need to tend to it once a month!

Command Brand™

Cacti and succulents are honestly the best plant for your beginner stage as they are highly adaptable to different places and are very low maintenance. Although be warned: they need water! Don´t think that just because they are common in deserts that they will survive fine for a year without any drops of water.

These are just some of the various options of plants that you can use as your “begginer test”. After this first step, you’ll probably be ready to start your own and beautiful garden – and populate your house with bits of nature.


The article above was edited by Helena Cardoso.

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