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Dunkirk: An Important Chapter of the Second World War

In July 27th, we had the premiere of Christopher Nolan’s newest movie, Dunkirk. The film, which has been in the top two of box offices for two weeks in North American and in 4th place in Brasil, presents to the spectator an important part about the Second Word War: the Dunkirk Evacuation. The operation involves the withdrawal of the British army and other allied troops from the port of Dunkirk, surrounded by Nazi forces. In total, the operation, saved more than 330,000 soldiers.

From the ground to the sky and from the sky to the sea, the movie constantly changes between these scenarios, showing the difficulties of each kind of combat.  

If you are searching for a war movie like Hacksaw Ridge with a lot of blood and quartered bodies, this is not a movie for you, but get ready to pass a lot of nerve-racking moments that will make you feel and think about how can they will save themselves from each situation.

One of the most expected things of the movie is the participation of the singer Harry Styles, who has a big part in the plot. 

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