The Dry Water Drop: "Gota D'Água a Seco" Review

More than 40 years after the anthological performance at the Teatro Thereza Rachel, with Bibi Ferreira and Paulo Pontes in the main roles, 'Gota D'Água', written by Chico Buarque and Paulo himself, has won a new version, this time with musical direction signed by Pedro Luís. Now called "Gota D'Água a Seco", the play brings the actors Laila Garin and Alejandro Claveaux to tell the story of Joana and Jasão, inspired by Euripides' Medea, under the direction of Rafael Gomes.

Rafael kept the whole structure of the original play and inserted new songs and small quotations of lyrics of Chico Buarque in some passages of the text. Star of 'Elis - A Musical', Laila will experience a new challenge on stage: besides interpreting the mythical character eternalized by Bibi Ferreira, she will give voice to songs that were not part of the original part, like 'Eu Te Amo', 'Sem Fantasia' and 'Calice'.

In the original program of the play, from 1975, Chico Buarque and Paulo Pontes tried to explain the show in this way: "We wrote the piece in verses, because the poetry better expresses the density of feelings that moves the characters. With the verses, the play tries to revalue the word, because a theater that aspires to regain its capacity to understand has to give again, to the multiple eloquence of the word, the center of the dramatic phenomenon."