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As we are all at home because of this pandemic moment, how about taking some time off and separate those jeans that are standing in the closet and customize them? That old jeans can become an object of decoration or a totally new piece. We separated some super interesting and easy ideas for you! Check it out:

Kim Kardashian’s favorites

Countless times, we come across cool jeans but they are usually more expensive than the basic ones. Because of this, we found super interesting tips to leave that boyfriend jeans or, even, that basic, in a non-basic version.

1. Mark the knees of your pants with an X and, if you prefer, you can mark it when you’re dressed. Then, mark one span below the X and one span above;

2. On the sides of your pants, mark two fingers on one side and the other;

3. With the pen itself, connect all the dots and make an oval shape (it doesn’t have to be right) to have a base of how much fabric will be removed from the pants;

4. Separate fabric scissors and cut out the marked place;

5. Pull the sides of the pants tightly in the place you just cut to unravel the jeans a little;

6. Still on the sides, make strips and shred. Remove the darker lines from the pants. If it is harder jeans, the tweezers may help you;

7. On the bottom of your pants, pull the white threads (as much as you can).

8. There is no “right” way to undo your pants, it is cool for you to undo and adjust according to your style!

Watch the video and understand more about the processes!

Diagonal hem

This is for you, who like a more basic style but also stripped down! Watch the video and see how fast this customization is and follow the tips below:

1. First, you will remove the hem from your jeans;

2. Measure a foot above the bar and cut diagonally to the hem. Repeat the process on the other leg;

3. On the knee, cut out a thin line and fray.

And that is it! Your pants will remain basic but with a super relaxed effect!

Jeans carpet

How about reusing your jeans and turning it into a carpet?

1. For that, you need a round fabric, which will be the size of the carpet that you want. Then, choose your jeans (dark or light) to cut out. It is necessary to make countless small circles (you can use a cup to make the standardized circles);

2. After cutting, place all fabrics on top of the larger circle;

3. Put all the circles in a “snail” movement and fill all the fabric;

4. Finish with fabric glue or sew! And that is it! Your jeans carpet will be prepared to be (a lot) used.

Watch the video and understand more about the whole process.

Turn your jeans into a skirt!

Needing a new skirt and you have those jeans standing in the closet? See these tips and understand how your pants can turn into a beautiful skirt.

1. Fold your pants in half;

2. Cut both legs above the hook;

3. It will turn into a mini skirt, but in order not to get too short, you will need to put a piece of fabric underneath;

4. Cut two strips of the same width that your skirt (use the same pants that you cut) with five cm of height;

5. Place one on top of the other and sew the sides;

6. Then, place your skirt on top and align the seam on the side of the skirt with the seam on the bands;

7. Sew the sash on the skirt;

8. Finally, finish the hem of the skirt or shred it.


The article above was edited by Anny Caroline. 

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