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“Divine, Marvelous”: Inside the Vogue Brazil 2018 Gala

February started with glamour: on the first day of the month happened the traditional Vogue Brazil Gala, in São Paulo. The event, that brought together various celebrities and influencers, had the theme "Divine, Marvelous", that honored the different cultures that exists in Brazil. Every year, the gala receives attention not only because the celebrities who are present at the event, but also because of the looks chosen by them.

Actresses Marina Ruy Barbosa and Juliana Paes were the 2018 "queens" of the gala. Marina used a look signed by Colcci: the blue dress with cleavage and feathers was a reference to a hyacinth macaw. Meanwhile, Juliana Paes used a dress with jewel craft made by the designer Helô Rocha.

Other names who were present at the event were Sabrina Sato, with a "Miss Amazonia" look, blogger Thássia Naves, inspired by Maria Bonita, and the blogger Camila Coutinho, with a look that represented the Brazilian religious miscegenation.

The evening also had the musical performance of Preta Gil, who received as stage partners Pablo Vittar and Elba Ramalho. In addition, Alok and Ludmilla also performed at the event. 

Check out the best looks of the event in the photos below!

Vogue Brazil 2018 Gala

"Vogue Brazil team"Sabrina Sato

Gianne Albertoni

Fiorella Mattheis

Bruna Marquezine

Ticiane Pinheiro

Thassia Neves

Camila Coutinho

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