December Is Here: 10 Movies To Get Into The Christmas Mood

The most expected time of the year is arriving. The lights will begin to blink, the families will meet and the  gifts will be put below the tree. To get into the Christmas mood, we picked a list of films that can make you have fun and remember of the magic in this party.

1. Love Actually

Follow histories of nine different couples that are learning how to lead with their own loving lives. The characters lives are connected along the plot and the climax happens in the Christmas night.

2. The Polar Express

A boy that doesn't believe in Santa Claus enters in a train with destination to the North Pole. In that adventure he finds other children and lives new experiences with typical messages for the children public. 

3. The Holiday

Two women, one from United States and the another from England, exchange houses after finishing their relationships. They fall in love in their new places and when the vacation is over, they notice that the romance can also reach the end and that love arrives when we never expected.

4. Everybody’s Fine

Frank loses contact with his children after his wife death. On the eve of Christmas, they all cancel the party and he plans a trip to meet them, but he ends up discovering they are not actually well.

5. Unaccompanied Minors

A snowstorm closes the airport and it postpone all the passengers trip. Five children, among them a spoiled, a nerd and a stranger, take advantage of that moment and starts to explore the place and misbehave.

6. Home Alone

Kevin is grounded in the attic one day before the trip for Christmas. In the middle of the dawn, he is forgotten by his family at home and, while they are all traveling, he has to learn to take care of himself and defend the house of thieves.

7. How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Grinch hates Christmas. And he is willing to ruin it stealing the presents and the residents decorations of all the citizens. Everything changes when he knows Cindy and they discover together the meaning of that time of the year.

8. Merry Christmas (Joyeux Noel)

In this film, the soldiers of First World War shows the truce among the countries during the night of Christmas. Is it worthwhile to change shots with others instead of lowering the weapons, to share the scarce food other than play a soccer game improvised in the snow?

9. The Family Stone

An uptight, conservative businesswoman accompanies her boyfriend to his outgoing family's annual Christmas celebration and finds that she's a fish out of water.

10. 12 Dates of Christmas

Kate ruins her date with Miles on Christmas eve and loses all her chances with her ex boyfriend in the same day. After that, she discovers that she can  revive it 12 times.