The Curious Case of Coconut Oil

Good for your hair, skin and health. Miracle? Lyrical? As Selena says, we love coconut oil like a love song.

However, do you really understand what makes it work for almost everything?

We will list some reasons why you should use coconut oil in your life, and explain the magic behind it (remembering that you should always choose extra virgin coconut oil, cold pressed, 100% natural).

1.  It’s easy to buy

The casperian Claudia Ratti (Journalism) says that coconut oil is cheaper and the result is better than ordinary cosmetics. The price range is around R$ 20-40 (it depends on the place and the brand you buy). In other words, it means that it is accessible and you won’t have trouble finding it in any health products store.  

2. It’s very good to your health

That’s because the coconut oil has a lot of medium-chain triglycerides, a kind of saturated beneficial fat that increase your body’s metabolism (that makes you lose weight), has antibiotic properties, increase good cholesterol and lower the bad one, improve thyroid function, and so on.

Because of the vitamin E, coconut oil is an excellent source of anti-oxidants that help your organism and keep the good appearance of your hair, nails and skin. It also has antifungal, bacterial and viral properties.

Our tip:

You can use coconut oil as a good option in the kitchen. Being a saturated fat, it is more stable and resistant to heat, and has lower oxidation when heated. You can use in sauces, fried foods, etc. Or just eat 3 tablespoons per day with meals.

3.  You can use it in your moisturizing


Coconut oil is great to skin moisturizing. The casperian Grazi Massonetto told us that she uses it even in her tattoo! You can also remove your makeup with this wonderful oil, hide stretch marks, blemishes and skin imperfections.

Our tip:

If you have dry skin, try to put a little coconut oil on cotton and spread it across your face, and leave all night long.


We don’t need to say that coconut oil is incredible in hair moisturizing. We selected some types for you in this category:

Coconut Oil + Aloe vera

Coconut Oil + Apple vinegar

Coconut Oil + Olive Oil

Coconut Oil + Your favorite hair mask

Choose one of these options and apply on dry hair. Leave acting between 25 to 30 minutes. If you prefer, use thermal cap to better results. After that, wash your hair with shampoo.

If you want your hair with less frizz and more smoother, pass coconut oil all over it before you sleep, and let actin during the night. When you wake up, wash with shampoo. Repeat this process every week.

Do you have more tips on how to use coconut oil? Tell your secrets here in the comments!