“The Crown” Review: How Diana And Thatcher Made Season 4 The Best

Without any doubt, The Crown is one of the best TV series of the moment. Its success is not only due to the portrayal of an exciting story that everyone was always curious to know more about but also because of such an outstanding production. In all the seasons released until this moment, the public keeps getting astonished by the beautiful shots, the wise angles and in general, the absurd quality when it comes to its cinematography.

Let’s not forget that a masterpiece like this one was not made alone and how the talent deserves all the best compliments for the work done in each one of the episodes. The physical similarities between the characters and the people they represent are definitely unquestionable. The most surprising element of it all is to realize how deeply the actors had to study their characters, being able to accurately represent even the gestures of their subjects.

However, the highest quality of the series is definitely in its fourth . With a much more interesting plot (maybe for bringing up such important and loved figures) and pretty revealing stories about the Royal Family, The Crown’s fourth season is one of the biggest Netflix’s success of all times. 

Diana Spencer

Definitely the big star of the fourth season. Just like in real life, Diana’s story stands out and makes us curious to know more about the people’s princess. In The Crown, the same happens: you begin to expect seeing her in all scenes. There was actually a big dispute between actresses for this role but after watching the series, you will see how Emma Corrin was the perfect choice - the actress makes a brilliant performance of Diana, getting us to empathize and comprehend her perspectives.

Regardless of The Crown being a fictional piece, there are not only a lot of true elements about the princess but also pretty revealing facts related to her marriage with Charles and her eating disorder. The series brings all sides into perspective (or not), compelling us to like Diana the most and root for her and her happy ending, even if knowing about her sad destiny.


One could say that this season was ruled by women characters, presenting another narrative focus with the First-Minister Margaret Thatcher. Also known as the “Iron Lady”, she got to be interpreted by Gillian Anderson (Otis’ mother in Sex Education), another sucessful Netflix’s choice. Even though some historical events were put aside, the series represents both the human and the political approach of Thatcher while in conflict with the Queen, bringing important discussions like their positions in regards to the Apartheid.

Royal Family’s personal life

During other seasons, the plot varies between political events and personal dramas. In the fourth season there is much more focus on the personal aspects of the Royal Family, which ends up provoking a bigger interaction with the viewers and even a stronger interest in the series. Seeing more intimate situations between such distant and closed people, we get to have a little taste of their personalities, turning the series even more relatable and easy to watch, leaving us feeling that the episodes fly by and that we deeply engage with what is happening.

Spotlight change

One of the main points of this new season is the arrival of new characters that in real life can be considered secondary, but were of great importance in the series. Unlike the other seasons that featured only Charles, the fourth part of the series allows us to know more about the other children of the queen: Anne, Andrew and Edward. The royal figures are portrayed in a crude way and without praise, and can even generate a certain dislike of the public. There are some viewers even saying that perhaps their biggest appearance is an indirect to the recent controversy involving Prince Andrew, is it?

There are also the audience's royal darlings: William and Harry. We do not have many scenes with them or a great development in the story, but surely the audience is happy to see the presence of dear and current characters. With the arrival of them and other new members, it is possible to see that there is a great change of spotlight, being left a little aside Philip and the Queen's mother.

Despite the fiction involved in the project, there is no denying that the series has a great similarity to reality and maybe take advantage of that to leave some messages. The Crown brings a lot of the visions from those who feel different, not welcomed by the monarchical system, and it is the main point of this season, as it exposes stories that are definitely not favorable to the Royal Family. It’s undoubtedly worth it to watch The Crown’s fourth season, Netflix strongly deserves a round of applause for this hit!


The article above was edited by Gabriela Sartorato.  

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