Coworking: The New Concept Of Shared Spaces That Is Taking Over São Paulo

Have you ever heard about coworking? If you haven’t, be cool! This is an new concept in the world of business! And if you have, do you know what it really is? In this post we will explain all your possible doubt related to this.


Coworking is a new way of disposing working environments that has been increasing all over the world - including Brazil, and especially in São Paulo. But what’s the big difference between coworking and all the others traditional working environments?

That’s the key of it. The coworking changes that concept of environments with just closed work rooms, by adding shared plus private rooms with multipurpose focus. It’s kinda revolutionary in business. People and companies sharing the same space to work creates a new working architecture.

Small entrepreneurs, freelancers and start-ups usually opt for coworking for not having so many resources to have a seat. However, large companies are also starting to settle in these spaces, that tends to be more relaxed than the traditional ones.

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The growth of coworking is also a reflection of the new generation, which seeks innovation and flexibility in different working environments. Adding all these aspects, puts on perspective what are you seeking for your professional life. And that’s why the number of coworking spaces it’s increasing year by year.

According to the Coworking Brazil 2018 Census, there are 1.194 known spaces in the country. São Paulo leads the survey with the largest number of coworkings, participating in an industry that has already moved 127 million reais. And this concept tends to get even bigger over the years.


But why so many companies are moving their business to this kind of environment? There’re a lot of strengths that must be considered. First of them is that you don’t have to pay bills like you were used to pay. Plus, your power to choose which place in town that you are more likely to work. Choosing a more relaxed place may end up improving your quality of life.

Another aspect is the networking. This plus point ensures you’ll be able to interact with companies that are in the same space. With partnership and exchange of knowledge everyone can benefit.

Image Source: MindsCoworking's Website

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