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The Covid Art Museum: A Reflection of Art in New Times

During a pandemic, we can all agree that the stress level of the population gets higher. Therefore, what is better than art to make us feel a little better? With all museums closed and most people living in quarantine, lots of images have been created, not only to reflect the times we have been living, but also to express the impact of isolation on artists. In this context, the Covid Art Museum (CAM) was born, with its first Intagram’s publication on March 19th.

[bf_image id="qeabuq-fxd9nc-fc7xf9"] Thinking about the different way of life we are all going through and the strange feelings we are facing, the trio of advertising professionals from Barcelona, Emma Calvo, Irene Llorca and José Guerrero, decided to go through this period with the help of art. They created an Instagram account to post any kinds of art - from illustrations to videos -, not following any technique criteria, as long as they were made during quarantine and express feelings that we all are having in common in this period.

This human and democratic museum has already 132 thousand followers with 603 posts and, as said above, an enormous diversity of contents. The creators justify the foundation of the Instagram profile to be the platform to carry a new art movement. As told on their page's highlight "About", “even though the Covid-19 has jeopardized the entire system, the quarantine has been a time for us to pause and reflect, which has allowed people to free their intern creativity, making this new movement that we all are here to witness: The Covid art”.

This idea, in addition to supporting a new artistic movement, has been full feeling not only to the people that have been missing going to museums ("the watchers"), but to the artists that couldn't show their work as well during this pandemic. As said by Dimas Gloeden, a brazilian designer, "It is exciting to see your work side by side with international artists, contributing to a diversity of visions and sensibilities about what we are living".

The three creators of the project already had a massive interest in art, even before the museum, following on their personal Instagram profiles a huge number of galleries and artists, which made the tracking and online ordering of artistic productions to compose the collection much easier. Nowadays, their accounts receive all kinds of messages everyday, about how art was responsible to improve love and union in this period, as well as awareness content, funny approaches and other comments that are just curious observations of these days.

Everyone can submit art projects to appear in the virtual gallery of the Covid Art Museum: you only need to respond to the form that is available in the biography of the museum’s Instagram profile! Several Brazilian productions were posted there, as well as works made by artists from all over the world. You can check out some of them below!

“Wrong protection”, by Paola de Grenet (Spain)
"Embroidered", by Mayara Silva (Brazil)
"Miniature", by Tatsuya Tanaka (Japan)
“Social Distance”, by an Indian Miniaturist
“Quarantine (selfprotrayed)”, by Ingrid Emaga (Spain)

It is undeniable that in addition to providing easy access to the arts, the @covidartmusem has been an environment of experiences’ exchange, coexistence and mutual support in this tough moment. The least that this museum can be is a history class of how the artists have behaved during these scary times or THE scariest times of the lives of a big number of people.  


The article above was edited by Helena Cardoso.

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