Communicating Through 140 Characters: Who to Follow on Twitter

For any communication student, expressing yourself in 140 characters may be somewhat hard when you feel the need for a deep explanation of your thoughts, then you use the plus sign (+) to continue your online letter, or very simple ‘cause there are some feelings and info that can be summarized in one word or a emoji.

We, Cásper Líbero students, use Twitter for many reasons: to have a laugh, to be informed, to keep up with our favorite artists or even as a social media therapy session, to unburden (or is that just me?). Here, we will show you some useful Twitter users that students from Cásper Líbero follow:

1. @jnflesch: José Noberto Flesch is an editor of Fun and Art of the Destak newspaper and always announce shows in Brazil before the records do and types about events and politics.

2. @LitaRee_real: this is the user for the national singer, Rita Lee. Rita doesn’t tweet for a while, but, according to RTVI student, Stephani Santoro, she used to tweet poetic phrases about things people don’t talk about has much.

3. @metrosp_oficial: this is the user for the public subway of Sao Paulo. It is very useful to be informed about the situation on the transport. If your train stops, for instance, you can grab your phone and see what is the source of the problem and how long may take to solve it. Besides, it also promotes the expositions that happen in each station.

4. @indiewire: IndieWire is the user of a website that does articles about everything involving movies and plays.

5. @saopaulo_agora: São Paulo Agora is a great user to check in the morning before going to Cásper or work. It tells the temperature during the day and night and inform about accidents.

Hopefully, this post may tell a bit about our profile, but, to know more about the casperians, don’t forget to follow Her Campus Cásper Líbero on Twitter as well!