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A Closer Look To Maximus Festival 2017


This Saturday, Mayt 13th, Maximus Festival is going to take place in Sao Paulo for the second time, at Autodromo de Interlagos. The festival lineup is full of national and international bands, all the way from hardcore to heavy metal. Fifteen bands will share three stages that were built specially for the event. Scroll down to the end of the page if you want to check the time of the concerts and the stages where they are going to happen.

Besides the music attractions, in Maximus Festival – just like any good Festival – there will be other areas where you can taste different kinds of food and drinks created just for the event; get a new tattoo or a piercing or even buy a T-shirt of your favorite band. Take a note: Gastown is an area only for foods and drinks, the bands’ merchandising section is called Baertown, and on Sector 26 you can find different kinds of attractions, such as a rollercoaster and art exhibitions. It’s a good idea to save some time and explore this part of the festival.

                A positive aspect of Maximus Festival is the comfort brought by the casheless payment, you don’t have to walk around with cash. Everything you purchase inside the event, either clothes or food, will be paid in Metals, the official coin of the event. You can charge your cashless bracelet, which is also your ticket, online – through the official website. People won’t have to take risks by being in the middle of the crowd with cash or credit/debit cards.

                Here are some tips on how to be stylish and comfortable at the day, and also on what to take with you. Enjoy the festival!

#1: Sneakers

A good way to enjoy the festival, be fashionable and comfortable is by wearing sneakers. There are lots of styles, basic or not, that can create the ideal street style for your Festival look.


  1. Converse All Star (R$ 109,90)
  2. Shoestock Spike-sneakers (R$ 199,90)
  3. Vans – Star Wars Collection (R$ 399,90)

#2: T-shirts

        As a rock festival, Maximus Festival asks for different rock bands T-shirts. At the same time, you can be comfortable, stylish and wear your favorite band T-shirt. You can be creative and customize your T-shirt. You can turn it into a crop top or wear it as dress by buying a bigger size (usually a male size).

  1. AC/DC top – Pop Age Store (R$ 19,90)
  2. Slayer T-shirt – Inkwear (R$ 46,90)

#3: Money Belt

                Money belts are really trendy this season and they’re great to carry your things without risking losing them. The accessory gives an authentic touch to the look and are comfortable. When it comes to creativity and imagination, the sky is the limit, you can choose any kind you want.

  1. Watermelon money belt – Dafiti (R$ 85,00)
  2. Geometric money belt – Marisa (R$ 49,90)

#4: Different Bags

If you prefer bags instead of money belts you can look for different ones to create a modern look. There are many options available, you can buy them in leather or even plastic. Just be careful not to lose things inside of them.

  1. LightInTheBox Leather Bag (R$ 33,77)
  2. Meutioquefez Velvet Bag (R$ 89,90)


        There are a few necessary items to take on your festival-day, such as sunglasses and sunblocks. A raincoat is also a good option to take, just in case. Don’t forget to take your documents and enjoy the concerts!

#6: Lineup

        The last thing you have to pay attention to is the festival lineup. You can check out the list of stages and bands that will be playing on Saturday.


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