Classic Clothes and Shoes That Everyone Needs in Their Closets

Due to its social character, fashion works as a timeline that selects what is old and what is new. However, some trends may come back in the infinite circle in which fashion is inserted. In this regard, it is not rare to see some clothes returning to the market or, in some cases, never leaving it. 

About those garments that don't go away, 9 of them were selected to be part of some classic clothes that everyone should have in their closet. 

  1. 1. Scarpin

    In the year 1947, Christian Dior invented a shoe that would make women feel glamorous and renewed going through the end of War. 

    The reason why scarpin survived for more than 70 years can be explained by the fact that those heels fit perfectly with different types of clothing.

  2. 2. Trench Coat

    Exactly two centuries ago, trench coats reached European markets. Incorporated during war, the clothing was worn by high-ranking military personnel, representing a distinction of power within the army. 

    In the context of the First World War, Burberry and Aquascutum adapted the coat to the conditions that would make it popular and used by other men, thus, later on, the garment reaches the screens of Hollywood.

    Nowadays, this costume still brings a touch of glamor and seriousness to the looks.

  3. 3. Jeans

    A pair of jeans is more than necessary in a wardrobe and it is hard to find someone that doesn’t have it. Even though everyone has this piece of clothing, we cannot rule out the fact that it has transformed over the years. 

    Jeans were like uniforms, as they were worn by workers in the last century. But, just like trench coats, jeans were popularized due to its use in Hollywood.

  4. 4. Little Black Dress

    LBD is a landmark of femininity in the fashion world. Big names like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Mademoiselle Chanel and Princess Diana wore stunning dresses that exemplify the fame of the well-known piece.

    Even though it was not created by them, Chanel was responsible for popularizing LBD in America. Given this, the dress could be known by famous women who further boosted the success of the clothing.

  5. 5. Animal Print

    Animal prints, formerly, marked a social status of superiority, proof of this are the monarchical figures who displayed their costumes decorated with such prints. Much later, they were recognized by the hippie movement, gaining new meanings and new uses. 

    With that in mind, these prints still bring great differences to the costumes – glamour, authenticity and color.

  6. 6. Suspenders

    A dangerous terrain. Many people consider suspenders to be outdated and even embarrassing, but their formal touch needs to be considered. 

    Some celebrities decided to embrace the use of this garment again this year in a more modern and genuine way, proving that suspenders can be part of several types of outfits. 

  7. 7. Turtlenecks

    Once again, an old working class costume becomes a classic in fashion. Currently, the turtlenecks – in addition to performing their function of protection against the cold – carry a sophisticated value, making the look more refined.

    In dresses, in long-sleeved blouses, in tank tops, in big coats. No matter the condition, these collars give new value to the set of clothes.

  8. 8. Midi Skirts

    Trends involving skirts are very versatile. Before getting to know the famous mini-skirts, the world gave way to midi skirts. For sure they are as classic as the ones that we will embroider on this topic, however, midi skirts are not so dressed and popular. with their elegant and fine features, these skirts sophisticated the costume.

    Thus, having a high waisted midi skirt in the closet would make it possible to transform an outfit into something more refined, without appearing extremely serious.

  9. 9. Blazers

    The world has already been able to overcome the thought that suits are men's clothes; along these lines, nothing more glamorous than feminine blazers to turn the outfit into something more tidy. 

    In addition, blazers do not need to be shelved in a serious style or only be used in work environments, it is possible to make colloquial and modern outfits with it.