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Cherry red is the color of the moment! Here’s how the trend started

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Trends come and go in the fashion world, but every now and then, a color comes back and steals the spotlight. The color of the moment is Cherry Red, a beautiful and unique shade of red that stays between the wine and the tomato red.

From runaways to the streets, everywhere you go you can spot this shade being used in a look for the 2024 autumn. But how did this trend begin? We explored the origins of the Cherry Red and its hype in 2024, and this is what we found out!

The color’s return is a comeback from the ’90s. Back then, it was the symbol of style, confidence, and, even, rebellion. Supermodels blew down the runway with cherry red lips, and the color popped up in every piece of the ’90s style, from head to toe.

Then, the cherry red made its grand recall in 2023. Big fashion brand names like Jacquemus and Miu Miu put the color back in the spotlight, bringing it into their collections in ways that were fresh and unexpected. Suddenly, it was the only thing the fashionistas were talking about during the 2024 Fall/Winter Fashion Weeks.

And, with the power of social media, especially TikTok, cherry red didn’t stop at clothing, it invaded nails and even hairstyles, such as Dua Lipa and her iconic red hair.

As the trend didn’t stop at the runaways, street style icons, and influencers were all aboard the Cherry Red Express, finding new and exciting ways to incorporate it into their daily looks. Whether it’s a pair of red boots or incredible red nails, this trend is making statements wherever it goes.

We can’t forget the role of social media in the revival of this color. Instagram and TikTok are the main ones responsible for the cherry red fever, with influencers and celebs showing their love for the color. Its boldness and unique appeal have made it the go-to choice for anyone looking to add a splash of personality to their wardrobe.

One thing about fashion is, for sure, certain: cherry red isn’t going anywhere. Its boldness and versatility make it a timeless classic, ensuring that this trend will continue to turn heads and steal hearts for years to come. So why not join the cherry red and add a splash of color to your look today?


The article above was edited by Giulia El Houssami.

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