Casperians Who Blog: Meet their Inspirations and Web Pages

Who often writes, no matter the subject, already thought about what other people would say about it. Would they like it? The desire to publish contrasts with the butterflies in the stomach of the uncertainty of being accepted. What if we just take a chance, take some risks and try… That’s what this text is about. Girls whose passion for words spoke louder than themselves. Rhaisa Trombini, who created the blog for herself commented “I wanted to write for myself at first, about what I like, without concerns about what people would say”. A Livreira (The Bookseller) is a portal about literary reviews. As she mentioned “I absorb the book better when I write about it” and complemented that the most difficult thing about having a site is to maintain the postings’ frequency.

Andressa Isfer, who agrees with Rhaisa, added that is also difficult to find subjects to write about. Sol em Peixes (Sun in Pisces), in her words “It’s my little messy, without any commitment” and she emphasizes “It is a possibility to share my world and it’s great to see that other people identify themselves with that” being conscious that the site is her space. However she writes for other persons and she has to take their preferences into consideration, as she said.  The girl assumed her desire to expand the blog and to create partnerships. The blog main theme is behavior, it’s about to get something out of her chest. After the feedback, she celebrated “Create a blog made me realize that I didn’t need to be so critical about myself, that I can write things which people enjoy”.

Gabriella Caruso and Isabella Kalil have a different experience. The two met in Cásper and soon became best friends. Both shared the willingness of having a blog, so they decided to create one together and divide the tasks. Madamices is the result of this union, where you can find tips, entertainment, fashion and decoration contents. For Gabriella, it is the opportunity to share things that she likes with others “It is liberating” and explained “It turns out that the blog became a hobby for me… and more than that, my passion”. She reported that met new people because of the platform “The best part about having a blog is when you gain recognition for what you do”, although she highlighted the effort to choose a topic, to search, to correct, to revise, to set up and to get images.

On the other hand, Isabella is more direct with words. When she was asked about the reason to create the blog, she replied “I liked to share with my friends, so why not share with other people?”. The girl who liked the internet so much that is creating her YouTube channel, revealed “I never thought that I would have so nice experiences and I would meet people I admire doing what I love the most”. The girl who said to have make up as her favorite subject assumed that producing a blog is a rush and not as easy as it seems “I like everything perfect, so it takes time to write, to record and to edit everything”.

Bruna Meneguetti was the youngest interviewed to create her own webpage, she was 12 years old. After having some others blogs, today she is focused on, which she shares daily experiences to write short histories and chronicles and she also posts parts of her own book “The Clarice’s Sky” (O Céu de Clarice). After having experienced an individual and a group blog experience, she believes both have positive things, on the individual page you have total control and with other people you have more production and feedbacks. “Have a blog allow you to disclose yourself and it is a tool for push yourself harder” she mentioned once she thinks that “If you want a loyal audience, you need a focused and loyal content”, that’s why Bruna has a lot of texts already written but not posted. She stated “Having a blog helped me to recognized myself as a writer”.

After have written for a local magazine and site and having her own YouTube channel, Mariana Nagamini created a blog to gather everything she loves “passion to write, record and communication”. She deals with these portals as a work “I have collaborators in the blog to help me”, once she considers the webpage a complement of her YouTube channel, posting about culture, art, communication, fashion, trips and tips. When she was asked about her favorite subject, she emphasized that she likes all of them, however she opted for trip “Can I have another one? Art!”. “Have a blog made me realize how much I love what I do and it can be useful for others” she added “While my pages have one visualization (may be video or text), I will keep posting”. She finalized “If there is anyone who wants to do a blog. Just do it! Do it what you love, do it with your heart, with honesty and it will work”