Casperian Bunnies: When Easter Meets Philantropy

Credit: Saulo C. Tafarelo

2017 is arre-casper’s (casper-collect) funding year, a money raisers team for bountiful causes established by journalism’s freshmen. The first collect based itself on love for children and the desire to make them have a sweeter easter. Although the path to success has been long and rough, a month after the beginning of the collect, a group reunited to distribute 215 bought chocolate eggs.

The first and hardest step was to select an institution. After the quotation of some entities, the institution Gotas de Flor com Amor was chosen for their social program. Since the first contact with Gotas’ head office, the casperian bunnies got their first mission: collect enough for 215 children.

The organization provides shelter for children up to seventeen y.o., on social vulnerability, promoting school reinforcement on the regular disciplines beyond art classes, computing and vocational (cursinho profissionalizante), preparing the students to the market. Located on Brooklin Velho, south area of São Paulo, the receptive red walls house opened its arms to receive them. In the evening of April Fifteenth, the bunnies could spend an amazing day with the children they already loved so much.    

   Credit: Saulo C. Tafarelo

On the moment when the children’s eyes crossed the bunnies’, the group knew that all of the work and dedication was worth it. The bright children’s smile dismissed the clouds of that cloudy Thursday. The scheduled activities involved math and grammar, further than human values, as the most indicated by the students: love.

There were three teams: Uncle lion’s, aunt bunny’s and uncle bunny’s, and, although it wasn’t a competition, everyone cheered up to spelling correctly, using the fingers to some elaborated counts and sing with strength and happiness the recently created anthem. Games as mimicry and ‘what song is this?’ also brought smiles. But it didn’t stop there, when most of the children were using rabbit’s noses and ears, one of the bunnies decided to make beautiful drawings just like professional tattoos, which makes the kids go insanely happy.

After two incredible fun hours, the headmaster asked for some words from the bunnies and, as they were journalists-to-be, they discovered that one among the boys, also wanna be. Later on that day, the group took a picture with the future sportive journalist, Baboo. We wish all the luck available on the world to this future casperian!

After the children’s breaktime, the chocolate eggs distribution started. “A kiss on the bunnies’ cheek to win the egg!” after all, no one can resist to those babies. The kids hugged, wished good Easter and said they hoped to see the casperian bunnies, and than, the rough path became clear. All of that dedication resulted on happiness and great memories. Mission received is mission accomplished with a lot of love and care.    

Credit: Saulo C. Tafarelo