"Casa Dos Bruxos": There’s A Little Bit Of Magic In São Paulo

From 18th February till 11th March, the Shopping Eldorado, in São Paulo, will be hosting an exposition named “Exposição Casa dos Bruxos”, from Harry Potter. The idea of the exposition is to simulate some parts of the movies, like the living room where Harry lived with his family, the Olivander’s store and some classrooms.

Even though the idea was good, when you go there to visit you may fell a little disappointed. The entrance costs 30 reais, and, arriving there, you can enter the rooms, but some of them are almost empty, except for actors playing the characters that you can take pictures with. The place is also crowded, so you don’t have much time to take photos and enjoy the room, cause other people want to enter there.

Besides that, there was an accusation that the owls there were not being treated well. Luisa Mell, a well-known protector of animals, called the organization of the exposition and asked if the owls were there the whole time and they confirmed it. But after the controversy, the advice of the "Casa dos Bruxos" said that the animals were allowed to attend events and they followed all the necessary requirements. The mall, in an official note, reported that the owls were withdrawn and would not return to attend the event.

Well, maybe you want to take another ride instead, but if you're a real fan, you'll probably want to check it out with your own eyes!

So if that’s your case, good luck! Remember to take some extra money because there will be some nice things for you to buy, like shirts and wands.

Enjoy it!