A Career in Social Media: The Future Has Come to Internet

Being something or someone’s social media is like working according to "social media tools" (which are mostly social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest). This occupation was developed to assist online interactions through “posts shares” and creating collaborative information. The growing use of social networking, in general, happened as a consequence of the emergence of specialized agencies to be an arm of the communication for important brands.

The area has numerous slopes. The interactions can exist between people watching a TV show and an automobile consumer. In the case of Caroline Huertas, Journalism student and a social media intern, her agency’s client was the brand Renault and the audience was based on men over the age of 30. For her, it was a job that required a lot of public tact, and patience to build a relationship of trust with a stamp. "I had to pay attention in what the client wanted to meet as expectations and not spoil the image of company. We used to look the profile, what would attract the person, how she or he would like to be treated, and then prepare a response, a solution, a publication or a campaign", she explains.

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According to Ana Brambilla, Cásper Líbero University professor who has worked as a media publisher in the websites Terra and Globo, social media have to treat the public as an equal. Then, it is important to avoid impersonal and robotic form treatments, as this humanizes the image of brand. "In addition, creativity is fundamental. Being aware of the movement of the network, "memes", buzz in general and taking advantage of it is often a good way to produce creative content"  she adds. But if creative is a synonym to "working with humor", it should be used with caution. Huertas says that a social media posting has to be well planned because it is not always well interpreted, depending on the type of audience to deal.

Don't be too formal: social media have to treat the public as an equal (Image: CareerBuilder)

Owner of a company for almost two years, Laura Saraiva comments that the area is a potential market that grows naturally. "It's not something that big companies get away." On the other hand, Brambilla assures that the success of a good social media strategist and editor arrives when them don't need to be updated anymore. "He must be a cultural evangelist who disseminates work as social media as a part of every other communication professional's routine. When that happens it's because as social media already walks alone in the company.”

However, getting close to the public via the internet is something completely adaptable for all ages. The TV show "Revista da Cidade" has a predominantly older and female audience, and the responsible for doing it social media is the journalism student Débora Lima, who shows very positive ideas: "I think my ethic is 'do not be afraid to risk.' The internet is a free place, so throw yourself and use your creativity without fear of being happy."

Débora Lima is the social media intern of the TV Gazeta's show "Revista da Cidade"

Article: Bruna Somma

Edition: Bárbara Muniz