Call It Magic! Pororoca Louca 2016

Pororoca Louca, Cásper Líbero’s costume party, is coming closer! Magic, mystery, illusion and mysticism take on the atmosphere. “Um mundo mágico” (something like “A magic world”) is the theme of these year’s event, and we selected a few tips and ideas to boost your creativity and help you compose your costume.

The first thing you need to know is that with a little bit of imagination and the right accessories you can turn your daily clothes into great costumes. At these occasions, makeup can be your best friend: it allows you to become whoever you want. Besides that, there are lots of tricks that you can do, regardless your skills or the amount of products you have.

To get a scale appearance, for example, is really easy! You just need fishnets to apply an eye shadow, as shown in the image. The effect is amazing! Applying glitter, sequins, flash tattoos and face stickers are also great ideas. You get an elaborated effect with little work. It also gives a fantasy and cool visual, which is exactly the party mood.

Mermaid, evil queen, fairy, archer, nymph, princess, snow queen, and what else you can imagine can be produced with these tricks.

To dance and enjoy the party without concerns about your look, a great tip is to use primer, waterproof products and hairspray.

Change your hair can also be a great ally when composing your costume. You can wear wigs or hair accessories like headbands, hair clips and barrettes. Even a temporary color hairspray is an easy and quick way to get the look. Another quick way to give an upgrade to your look is adding artificial nails or nail stickers. You can easily find festive ones at drugstores and perfumeries. Now that you got some tips, you should see our panel on Pinterest with more than 200 inspiring ideas!

To compose your costume you just need makeup, trust and pixie dust! Enjoy the party!