Cásper Líbero University Academic Center Election: Prolifera

The CAVH (Academic Center Vladmir Herzog) elections are coming and + Vozes administration and the Cásper Líbero Foundation Electoral Commission of 2017 want to give students a chance to meet competitors to the next administration. This year, exceptionally, the elections will be fought in single plate, the plate Prolifera!. Due to that, the usual debate that happens before elections for students get to know the plate's proposals was in format of an interview, led by members of the current Academic Center administration. 

Academic Center Vladmir Herzog room

Prolifera's members have already created a Facebbok page, whwere all students can check what they can achieve along the unique candidate for the election - and the importance of voting for the election and manifestating the right of democracy.

"We are the spread of resistance to bankrupt speech that falls on all students. That flows from the upper floors of an old building, but still alive. We are all students and it is for us that we want to make our management, to further proliferate our demonstrations and dissatisfactions. Which brings us to act is an ideal one: the greater dialogue and representation of students before the Casper Libero Foundation".

Prolifera's main ideal exposed at their Facebook page

Prolifera's mascot

The Prolifera plate showed up their ideals and proposals for 2017 administration in October 26th and was interviewed in October 27th. 

To check Prolifera's letter-proposal: https://goo.gl/XItja0