Bruna Marquezine: Get Inspired By The Outfits of The Brazilian Actress

The Brazilian actress Bruna Marquezine, who is a star of Globo, the most famous television channel in Brazil, has a impeccable sense of style that you will get inspired by. You can copy her looks from day to day outfits to the more glamorous ones.

  1. 1. 100% comfortable!

    The perfect comfy trio! Jeans, a white all star and a sweatshirt.

  2. 2. Simple but trending

    A band tee, some black Doc Martens, a denim jacket and skirt. An outfit that is trending in all social media among the fashion sweethearts like Bruna!

  3. 3. Maybe a festival outfit?

    Big shirts are trending! You can mix the relax look with a little bit of color. Bruna used this outfit for a festival and you can try it on the next one!

  4. 4. Powerful outfit

    Going out for a date or maybe just dinner with friends in the evening? Get a flowy long dress with some minimal black heels and strut your stuff just like Bruna did at Paris Fashion Week.

  5. 5. Perfect for a night out

    Black leather jacket, fishnets and a flashy dress so you can go out to the club and get the number of the cute guy or girl you’ve been wanting to impress...

  6. 6. A must-have outfit

    This look fits in anything, to a job interview to a girls night. The black blazer is a key piece to a anytime look. Bruna and other fashionistas like Kim Kardashian always have this piece in their wardrobe.

  7. 7. Summer vibes

    Brazilian summer is coming! Get your bathing suit with a cute print on.

Not only should you get inspired by Marquezine but you should also be able to buy and afford those looks. Click on the links in the clothes you're interested and get to know some key pieces from brazilian online stores so you can copy her style.