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Book Review: The Thousandth Floor


The story takes place in New York, year 2118, where the whole city has been replaced for a giant tower containing a thousand floors! Technology is everywhere in this world, teenagers have contact lenses with access to their social medias and mobile phones, genetic manipulation is totally possible and drugs are way more advanced.But of course, we are talking about New York, how fun would it be to talk about the city and its teenagers without some scandalous sex, revenge plots and lots of secrets?

This picture shows how big the tower would be in real life:

There are scandalous relationships, drug abuses, backstabbing best friends, murderer, secrets and a whole lot of technology from the future. The way people on the upper floors are rich and full of privileges and the lower floors kids have to drop out of school to survive is just a clever metaphor to our society nowadays.

The book follows the lives of five teenagers and their friends. Each one of them has their sides of the story revealed in their points of view.

Avery Fuller is the perfect girl. Her genes were modified so that she would be the prettiest girl alive, she lives on the thousandth floor of the tower, which also means the highest one. She seems to have everything she could have ever wanted, but her one true wish could never come true and her biggest desire could never be discovered by anyone, not even Leda, her best friend.

Leda is a charming, outgoing and sarcastic girl. Last summer she had a nervous breakdown followed by drug abuses and was sent off to rehab. Nobody knows where she really spent her summer and she intends to keep things that way, except now the reason of her breakdown is back and she is not managing to remain sane or sober anymore.

Eris, one of Avery’s closest friends, is about to have her world collapsed right on her face and learn that has whole life has been a big fat lie. She is everything but ready to deal with her new reality.

Rylin lives on one of the lower floors. After her mom passed away she dropped out of school to be able to work and provide for her little sister. Her life is as monotonous as it could be, until she’s invited to work for someone on the top floors and the most unexpected thing happens.

Watt is a hacker, and a hell of a good one, who by chance ends up discovering dirty secrets from the tower’s elite. But of course, all secrets come with a prize and he is gonna have to pay for it.


From the moment you start reading it, it’s impossible to stop until you’re done. All the technology  surrounding the year 2118 is captivating and makes you wondering if the world could actually turn out that way. If Manhattan could resume itself in a huge 1000 floors tower, with nothing left but misery on the outside of it.

The enigma of who is going to die in the last chapter is presented right on the first page, keeping the mystery alive throughout the whole book.

Furthermore, all the relationships and friendships will make you either love or hate them, shipping some couples (Avery and her secret lover, for instance) and despising some characters with all your strength (I probably shouldn’t say it… LEDA).

The thousandth floor is the first story book of a series containing four books. I highly recommend you don’t read it just to avoid the misery of waiting for the new book to be released. But just in case you don’t mind suffering, dive into this luxurious world reach the point of no return.

Check out the official booktrailer here:


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