Bohemian Style: 6 Hippie Movement Trends for 2017’ Spring

Spring has arrived and it came with the most charming trends of the year! However, what promises to burst this year (by the way, is already bursting!) is a very old style that never seems to go out of fashion and is in full force: the Bohemian Style.

Follow the main references of the hippie movement of the 70's that have become a trend for this spring and that will definitely DROP!

Bohemian Style


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It is customary that in spring flowers appear with full force not only in landscapes, but also in all of the looks. It doesn't matter if it's in a -shirt, a skirt, a dress or any other piece of clothes, they're always there. However, this year the floral prints will be more striking: instead of tiny designs with light backgrounds, the flowers will appear in different shapes and sizes, mixed with the most vibrant colors.


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This is the type of cleavage that combines with almost everything. Shoulder-to-shoulder dresses with floral prints form one of the most typical and charming combinations of the bohemian style. As t-shirts, when combined with shorts or pants, it gives a sweet and romantic look.


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Perhaps the long dresses are the most typical pieces of the hippie movement and they aren't for less: they combine with everything and are perfect for any occasion. The earthy or rendered tones fit super well at the most romantic moments. The colorful and fun prints are great for an afternoon with friends. It is also worth remembering that the long skirts, combined with any type of t-shirt, makes the look super stripped. Bet on this trend because these dresses and skirts go with everything!


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This is probably a trend you have already seen someone using, but was afraid to risk it. What about take a chance know? New season, new trends! Risk yourself without fear in the flare: the pants have a shape that makes your look more elegant. And if you don't feel comfortable with this model, why don’t you abuse of this trend in the sleeves of your look?


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This is a key piece that can change your entire look for better. By betting on a relaxed kimono on top of other pieces you will achieve the bohemian style vibe. Printed or flat, this trend can be worn over both casual and dressy looks! Be free to explore this piece in many ways!


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This is a detail that leaves any look with an even more fashionista detail. However, be careful not to overdo it and finish with fringes on all of the pieces! Wear them to the right extent and they will bring an attitude to your look that you will love. And here is a tip: the fringes look gorgeous in kimonos, bags and dresses!

It’s also good to remember that all of these trends can be combined. What about you? What do you think of the Bohemian Style and which of these ideas do you intend to adopt in this spring? Don’t be afraid to raze yourself and follow these tips!