Blossoming in Brazil: Meet Aria Park


Name: In Young Park

Age: 19

Hometown: Seoul [South Korea]

Major: Journalism

Year: 2018

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Nickname: Aria. It is her Brazilian name thanks to a South Korean song, Arirang, that represents Korean people.

Do you have any hidden hobby or talent? Yes. I love taking photos, but a hidden hobby is my passion for music! I sing, play the guitar, the piano and keyboards, and a tiny but of bass and the drums! 

Why do you like photography? I believe that when we take pictures, we don’t forget people or places we visited or special events. For instance, I never took a single photograph with my grandmother, but I think that I had one, I would be able to remember her better.

Tell me about the experience of living abroad. How did you end up here, in Brazil? I came to Brazil in 1999, when my father was here. We decided to go back to Korea and, finally, we moved to Brazil in 2004. My dad believes that Brazilian people are more emotIonal and warm. Kids playing in a pool, for example, made my father believe that Brazil is better than Korea talking about life in general.

Did you always have this ability, with being a teacher? No, never, actually! Honestly, I never even thought about teaching.

Are you a school teacher? No! Now, I teach Portuguese private classes.

When did you start? Last year, 2015, when my friend knew a woman that wanted to speak Portuguese. She could speak a lot of languages like English, Korean, French, Japanese and German, but not Portuguese…

Do you like being a teacher? Yes. It is an opportunity to improve my Portuguese too, because some words are difficult!

Do you believe that is easier to teach Portuguese or Korean? Korean, I guess. Portuguese is definitely not easy. I hate it when I have to say "ornitorrinco" [platypus in Portuguese] - it is very complex.

One of Aria's gorgeous pics

What are the main difficulties about teaching? I have to prepare my classes. Sometimes I also have to miss other things I want to do for because some class had to be rescheduled.

Are you thinking about following an academic career? I chose Journalism as a way of presenting people different stories, you know? I don’t think about being a teacher for real, but we'll see. [Laughs]

What did you make when you get your first payment? I am saving my money to travel! Maybe to go to the USA and improve my English. I already worked as translator too.

What did you do? I worked with a Korean journalists of Korean’s Blue House [the official residence of the Korea's President!]. I helped them to speak Portuguese! It was very exhausting, they are so rigid! [Laughs]

Aria during her trip to South Korea last year

What's your favourite local food? Feijoada, which consists of a bean stew with meat, usually served with rice and cabbage, and Baião de dois, a recipe based on beans and rice. Some people add ingredients such as dried meat and sausage, to give more flavor to the dish.

What’s the best part of being a Cásper’s student? People. They are very receptive and I am in love with my major!

One more thing that almost no one knows about you. I don’t like to speak in English. I can understand or read, however I’m not too fond of talking.

I know that you're very connected to religion, and open about it. What's the importance of it to you? I was born on a Christian family that loves to read the Bible. In 2014, I felt unable to do anything and went into depression. I cried hidden from my family, didn't tell anyone, couldn't make myself trust anyone. One day, when I opened the Bible, the verse Philippians 3:14 appeared! It was very helpful and still is, that is why I like it.

What did it say? "I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me".

Last but not least, where do you like to visit here, in Brazil? Ibirapuera Park, in São Paulo, and some beaches and places where I can see the nature.

Aria posing in front of a blossom tree, in Brazil