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Along with the advance of science and medicine, comes protest and ambiguity. Thus, the debate whether birth control is “good” or “evil” is not new and is deeper than you may think- whatsoever, that polemic is relevant and here’s why. 

For some people, birth control is a need and there’s no debate on that. However, for other people, birth control is out of the curve and there’s also no debate on that. But every coin has two sides. 

The younger generations (but also the old ones – we like some of you, gen x) realised that there is no way of continuing living the way we do, so they want to create a better world and environment for them to live in. Consequently, they don’t want a baby to grow in the same, or even worse, conditions that they were terrified of as a child – lack of water, fresh air, cold days, etc. 

Moreover, according to the 2017 research from Ruth Lewis, Clare Tanton, Catherine Mercer, Kirstin Mitchell, Melissa Palmer, Wendy Macdowall and Kaye Wellings, the age that British people started having intercourse has had a downfall since the 1930’s. 

That said, birth control is crucial – 17 years old are not ready at all to have children. It is extremely unpleasant for the parents and kids. For the latter, if raised in a situation in which their parents aren’t ready to have them, it can bring terrible growing consequences for them, such as family issues and not the “right” education. For the former, they are not ready to raise a baby, emotionally and financially.

Furthermore, it is important to notice that with the feminist movement and fights, women are the owners of their bodies, so they must have the option to choose when to have a baby. That’s probably the most important step a person can take, so they should decide on that. Which leads us to another topic: if we have the technology to prevent forced pregnancy, what’s the matter of using birth control methods? If, back in the old days, women usually only had sex after marriage – I mean, when they were, or thought they were, emotionally and financially prepared to have a kid – women should have this right too nowadays. Let them have babies when they feel ready to. 

However, for some people, birth control is not the answer. And I am not talking about the religion aspect. We see girls all around the world talking about their experience with birth control, especially pills, and start to doubt: is it really worth it? It modifies not only your body, but also your mental state. Have you seen the size of a birth control leaflet? 

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Ok… but what about other birth control methods? Such as IUD? Yeah, sure it is effective, but, again, is it worth it? It is a literal surgery!

Against or towards birth control, the real deal is that women have control of their own bodies and their rights. Therefore, its effects depend on which kind she uses and their own metabolism. And, finally, regular gynecologist appointments and the knowledge of your body and limits are crucial for a safe and happy choice with the use (or not) of birth control. 


The article above was edited by Camila Lutfi.

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Isadora Restiffe

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