Beyond Captain Marvel And Wonder Woman: Get To Know 5 Badass Superheroines

It was summer of 2016. To be more specific than that, we’re talking about the Comic Con San Diego of 2016, in Marvel’s panel something was announced that changed everything in the future of theirs Cinematic Universe: Brie Larson, who won the Oscars best actress on that year, was announced the very first Captain Marvel.

For those who are really into pop culture, The House of Ideas confirmed the movie of her biggest, more powerful and famous heroine in 2014, and that she’ll set the new era after End Game. Their first solo heroine movie (yeah, we are not forgetting the Wasp, here!) was released in earlier this year.

Before that, in 2010, DC Comics announced that, after 14 years in “development”, Wonder Woman’s movie would become reality and hit the theaters. But it took more 5 years to choose Patty Jenkins to direct the movie and start to produce their masterpiece with the amazing actress Gal Gadot. On June of 2017, we finally got able to see the most famous heroine of all time on screen. We can’t forget movies like Elektra, who was a villain who turn out to the good side, but it was never for women who watch them.

If you got thrilled when you watched Captain Marvel or Wonder Woman movie, you know that something is happening in the superheroes subject. For the first time in forever, women are being lead character on superheroes movies and not love interests. They are being portrait by bad ass woman and teaching how empowering could be for young women to believe in yourself. Those two lead heroine movies sold out movie theaters and fulfill a bunch of hearts that was tired of not looking powerful on screen.

And not to stay just in the movies and TV shows, on comic books you could see a difference happening too. Writers and inkers are telling stories that wasn’t being representative on paper. There’s a lot of new heroines who are breaking every old-fashioned rule for women. And if you want to know more about those amazing people, we made a list for you to meet them.

  1. 1. Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan

    A couple months ago, Marvel introduce to their Cinematic Universe Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel. But, four years ago, on comics, we met Kamala Khan. And her backstory is awesome: she's a teenage Pakistani American who lives in New Jersey and is pretty obsessed with the Avengers, like fanfiction-writer kind of fan! Her power is big, literally: she can stretch her body in many kinds of ways. Besides that, she has a cool personality and her books mixes her life with some incredible action fighting for who is right. And a lot of old known heroes that we love appear to guide her. (And there’s some gossip about movie productions with her, but you not heard for me, okay? Fingers crossed!).

  2. 2. Batgirl, Barbara Gordon

    DC Comics

    The librarian of Gotham, daughter of the Batman’s Jim Gordon, The Commissioner, is back with her very own stories. Fighting with agility, electronic interaction, technopathy and so many more powers. Part of the DC Universe since 1967 (oh yeah!), she's been through it all. Became a computer mind, the oracle, and roles on screen: played by Yvonne Craig, on Batman’s 60 TV show, and Alicia Silverstone (CHER!) in the movie Batman & Robin. She’s considered by so many as a symbol of empowerment since she appeared. On the top of that, in 2016, she earned her new series of stories! After the end of The New 52, the DC Rebirth took her back in two new publications: Batgirl and Batgirl and The Birds of Prey, with a bunch of amazing girls.

  3. 3. Iron Heart, Riri Williams

    SPOILER ALERT: if you’re already missing Iron Man after what happened in End Game, it’s great to know that he left us in good company: a 15 years old genius black girl who is already in MIT and shaking things out there. With a little help of the college’s technology, she designed for herself an armor like the Tony Stark’s one. And he was the one who encouraged her to become an awesome superhero. Her fearless way of being is leading us to a lot of great stories which was released earlier this year on her very own 3 publications.

  4. 4. Black Canary, Dinah Drake

    She’s an ultimate boss. I mean, look at this Batgirl and the Birds of Prey's amazing cover of her using sonic scream and best moves at martial fighting. And her first appearance happened in 1947 at Flash Comics #86. She has been a member of the Justice Society, the Justice League, Team Arrow and the Birds of Prey. In 2016, with the DC Reborn, she appeared alongside Barbara Gordon and got so many adventures from that. What a ride! Beyond that, she was played by many actresses on TV and (now you can scream) she’ll be at Birds of Prey by Journee Smollett-Bell's alongside Margot Robbie.

  5. 5. Quake, Daisy Johnson

    Marvel Comics

    Not usual as it seems, that’s how we can begin to talk about this specific character. If you watched Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., you know her by the nerdish Skye, played by Chloe Bennet, who will find herself with the name Daisy Johnson, a powerful Inhuman who is the daughter of Mister Hyde, an evil villain. An agent level 10, trained by the only one Nick Fury, she has powers that makes her faster, stronger and the ability to make the ground shakes - yeah, she can make earthquakes and not even feel them.