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The Best Tips for Planning Your Next Trip

It doesn’t matter if you prefer to travel abroad or in your own country, it is always wonderful. Travelling enables us to have great experiences: you get to know people,  visit amazing places and go back home with a lot of stories to tell.

There are people adept to travelling alone, usually because in this kind of trip you can have a one-on-one time with yourself which can be great for self-knowledge (and for your mind).  And there are those who like having companionships and choose to travel with friends or family.

If you are thinking about travelling but are in doubt about the best place to go, you need to consider some aspects. Are you a person who prefers high or low temperatures? Do you like natural places or cities? Do you intend to go to other countries or stay in your own land? To sum up, you need to wonder about what you prefer and balance everything. Then, choose the best destination.


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Research about the place and write down how much you can spen

 It is important to search all you can about the place. The main point is to think about the essential expenses – as accommodation, transportation and food. Talking about accommodation, you can choose hostels or hotels to stay in. Usually, hostels are great places to know people and the prizes are way more affordable. One tip: Hostelword is a good app for you to choose hostels.

Another aspect is to see the prizes of transportation (cabs, bus, subways, etc) and think about how much you are willing to pay for it. Sometimes, cabs don’t have the best prizes, but you may get lost in the middle of nowhere by getting the wrong bus.  Renting a car is also a good alternative. But no matter where you go, always have a gps and a map (in case your phone dies).


 Now, let’s think about food. Explore on Internet good places to eat near where you are going to stay.  But if you don’t want to spend money in restaurants, you can prepare your own food. It’s cheaper and it can also be delicious – if you know how to cook, of course.  

If it’s an international trip, check if it’s necessary to get a visa. You can also do a previous research about people’s habits. By getting to know their culture it will be easier to communicate once you are there.

After doing that, it’s time to pick up the calculator and start doing the math. You can also pay in instalments if the total amount is high and keep saving money until your departure date.

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Tour time

Planning your tour is a great thing to do. Of course, you don’t need to limit your sightseeings to a pre-established itinerary. During your trip you can find out beautiful options of places that aren’t in your plans. Although, planning ahead is always a must.

You can search touristic points on the old and good Internet. Another good alternative is to use the Trip Advisor app – where you can find itineraries, hotels and tours tips. You also can use the Fieldtrip app, that uses your location to find the best events and places close to where you are. 

What to take in your bag?

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Keep it simple. Try focusing on what is really necessary. Sometimes people take way more clothes than they are going to wear and more books than they can actually read, for example. Try to select only what you will really need. In this case, more is less.

Now, it’s time for you to start your travelling plans. Enjoy your trip!

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