The Best Thrifts Stores in São Paulo For You To Visit

Nowadays, thrift stores are considered vintage, have several cool clothing options and the price is great. Here in São Paulo, we have an extensive amount of thrift stores, from the most expensive to the cheapest, for all types and tastes. Here are some of the coolest ones we've come across.

1. Bazar Samburá

Owner of a peculiar name, Bazar Samburá has a very nice project, whose profits are reverted to help an elderly foundation. They sell everything you can imagine and have a huge amount of clothing: often designer like Gucci and Ralph Lauren are available, and they are cheap. No kidding, original blouses for only TWENTY REAIS. The store is located in França Pinto Street, 783 - Vila Mariana.

Image Source: Casa de Firulas

2. Bazar Casa Hope

The store is from Hope Institution and has super cheap clothes, that's right. A beautiful pair of jeans for only R$2 can be found. They also have furniture, books and more. It is in Conselheiro Rodrigues Alves Avenue, 918 - Vila Mariana

Image Source: Veja São Paulo

3. Renovar Brechó

Renovar is in Augusta street and counts on prices, sweaters, dresses and super trends. For example, a beautiful sweater from GAP for R$ 39.90. It's worth it, right? The store is in Augusta Street, 2358. – Cerqueira Cesar, São Paulo.

Image Source: Cuponeria

4. B. Luxo

So cool it hurts. It’s one of the most famous thrift stores of São Paulo and it’s not that cheap. But, counts with an amazing selection. One piece is prettier than the other, the decoration of the place is beautiful and the sellers are also super stylish. But we’ll tell you guys a secret, go there at the bottom of the store, in the macaw of promotions, which has pieces up to 70% off. Interested? It’s in Augusta Street 2393 - Cerqueira Cesar, São Paulo

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5. Cabideira

With two units in São Paulo and a great organization, you find brands that do not even sell in Brazil. The place also has many handbags, shoes and glasses in great states. This store has a boutique face and an incredible atmosphere. If you are too lazy to search for clothes, this thrift shop has everything for everyone. Oh, the salespeople are super attentive and they help with the choices of the pieces. Its located at Av. Santa Catarina Street, 207 - Vila Alexandria.

Image Source: Muito Mais com Menos

5. Bonnie & Clyde O Brechó

The thrift store is in a gallery in a São Paulo’s avenue, very close to the subway station Consolação, which has easy access. It's a little gallery space but it has great finds and a really cool decor. The pieces are not real mega-type ones but they have a good price because they are pieces that have already been mined so they are already tidy and ready for you. They also have a promotional macaw where any piece of that macaw is R$ 15.00. It’s at Paulista Avenue, 1941 - store 154 - Bela Vista, São Paulo.

Image Source: Jessica da Silva

 6. Pagu 2nd hand shop

Pagu 2nd Hand Shop is a women's clothing store that operates only with current pieces of designers and fashion brands, both national and international. The shop has a collection of more than 5 thousand pieces, all original and in excellent condition, as they undergo a thorough curatorial work of the members, who knows that among their clients are women linked to the fashion universe who have developed a style of their own.

In addition to sweaters, coats, trousers and dresses, Pagu also works with handbags and accessories from brands such as Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Prada and Burberry. Its in Oscar Freire Street, 129 - Jardim Paulista, São Paulo

Image Source: Veja São Paulo

Thrift store are real gold mines for those who want to be stylish and pay a fair price, this time where people had prejudice with the word '' thrift store'' is very old, even because they encourage a sustainable fashion, gives new uses to pieces which would turn out to be garbage in the environment and are vintage.

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