Best Restaurants to Have Lunch in Itaim Bibi

Itaim Bibi is a really cool neighborhood of São Paulo. A lot of good restaurantes, cute coffe places and crowded bars are located in this area. Besides that, the business lunch is a reality here, because, a lot of offices are located in the neighborhood - part of Faria Lima Avenue, one of the business centers of São Paulo, is located at Itaim Bibi too.

So imagine, during lunch time, thousands of people are looking for a good place to eat and - let’s be honest - with a good price. So, if you just have started an internship or new job here, take a look at this list and discover the best places to enjoy lunch:


If you need to eat something healthy and fresh, that's a good place to go. The savory pies are really good - and there’s options with whole grain flour and veggie flavors(like mushrooms and spinach).

Grão Fino:

If you have gluten or lactose intolerance, that’s the best place to be. And if you don’t it’s still the place to be. The new “bakery” have a lot of options and serves a really good lunch too. You can try the sandwiches or the plates. Probably  you will feel lighter after lunch. My suggestion? Try the “fake” pão de queijo(made with sweet potato and chia) and if you need a dessert, the carrot cupcake with cocoa topping.

Mr. Baker:

The famous and good bakery, full of delicious stuff, serves lunch and if you prefer, brunch. Salads, avocado toast and cheeseburger are options there. Organics are on the menu. The açai juice is amazing!

Cachoeira Natural:

All you can eat restaurant, with a fixed price. If you don’t know what you want or likes to have a big meal, that's the place for you. For R$26 - believe me, that's a really good price for Itaim Bibi - you can choose salads, hot options, fruits and after, a little coffe. There are three units of the restaurant, and one of them, is vegetarian.

Emporio São Paulo:

This place, actually, is a supermarket. But, I will give you an insider tip: they make good japanese food there, with a good price. For less than R$ 20 you can buy a box full of sushi. Another good advice are the fresh juices, the green one is really good.


An old arabian restaurant, with traditional and delicious food. The staff people are amazing too :)

Burger Hauss:

Yes, I am talking about cheeseburgers. The small place serves a good hamburger with fries - simple and well made. They will cost you R$ 20 and are totally worth it.

La Guapa Empanadas:

This restaurant belongs to Paloma Carosella, the argentinian chef from Master Chefs Brasil. The empanadas are amazing: all of them cost R$6,90 per unit. You can order a salad together. One good advice: go with a friend and share the dulce de leche ice cream.