The Best Playlist On Spotify For When Your Days Are Not That Good

Do you know that days that you aren’t on a good energy, when you just want to stay alone with your songs? Here have 10 options of musics for you to listen when you are on that bad days.

  1. 1. The night we met - Gavin Mikhail

    This song is really a little bad. For those who saw 13 Reasons Why, of course you will remember it. With a mood of love, sadness and loneliness, bild the lyrics of this song. It’s good to listen in moments that you miss somebody or something, how it says in this part of the song: “Bring me back the night we met”.

  2. 2. Broken heart - Monsta X

    For those who enjoy K Pop, this Monsta X song is a good choice. She talks about many memories, broken heart and a little sadness. If you have some of these things to remember, this song can help you reflect and think through these moments you have experienced. "If I could go back in time when it used to be 'us', I'd go back."

  3. 3. Please, forgive me - Bryan Adams  

    For those who enjoy and old song, Bryan Adams is a good choice. Most of his songs follow this vibe with a romantic tone of memories. This song say a lot about forgiveness. If you have someone to forgive, listen to this song and think for a moment about what happened and if the person really deserves your forgiveness. “Every word I say is true, please forgive me”.

  4. 4. Vento no litoral - Legião Urbana

    For those who like Brazilian songs, Legião Urbana is a good choice. The lyrics of this song remember some moments of life, those that we miss, feel alone, sad and distant. This’s a good song for those who enjoy a slower and quieter vibe too. “Seeing the horizon distracts me, it is my plans that I miss most when we looked together in the same direction.

  5. 5. De janeiro a janeiro - Roberta Campos

    One more Brazilian song to put in your playlist. This one is not a sad song, but talks about missing and love. For you who is in love for someone that doesn’t cares about you but stirs with you heart in a way that you can’t explain."That my love will not be fleeting, I will love you from January to January until the world ends."

  6. 6. Kiss me - Sixpence none the richer

    This song is not the best for the bad days, but it’s to remember the good moments, mainly of that unforgettable kiss that you give. The calm rhythm and the sweet voice of the singer, is great for reflection and caming. “So kiss me”.

  7. 7. Hey, soul sister - Train

    This song also follows the style of good moments. If you are in love for someone, surely it will take you to the times when they were properly your soul mate! Imagine you could feel all that the song says!

  8. 8. Lucky - Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat

    If you are a lucky person. this song is perfect for you. Of course that for the bad times, isn’t the best option, but the rhythm and the soft voices do a quieter style for the music, perfect to reflect too. This is certainly already for that couple who are very in love. “Lucky we are in love anyway”. 

  9. 9. Diamonds - Rihanna

    If you like to shine like a diamond, this song goes well for you. Surely it brings the dream of shining with the person you like, enjoy that moment just you and the person. It’s not a sad song either, but it’s a good option to including in the list. 

  10. 10. All of me - John Legend

    To finish, this song is surely for those who are in love with someone who is capable of loving everything in one person. As they follow the others,  it’s worth this song in the playlist. With the sound of a piano and a striking voice, they’re also good for thinking in good thing when you are on bad days, trying to forget them. 

Hope you liked it! ;)