The Benefits of Using Micellar Water

Have you ever heard about micellar water? I bet you did! A product that dismiss makeup remover and tonic (because it does both functions at the same time), and keeps your skin pretty and healthy. Yes, this magical product is “the big thing” in the beauty scene and a new must-have in our necessaire!


The micellar water is “new” here in Brazil, but, actually, it was a French secret that a couple of years ago transcended onto the beauty world. The cosmetic gets its name from the science behind the product. It is made of micelles, which are tiny oil molecules suspended in water. The small molecules grab onto all of the unwanted particles and gently dissolve them.


Let’s talk about the benefits! The cosmetic has natural components that not only eliminate the impurities of the skin, but also hydrate it. If you use it every day, the results are amazing! According to the dermatologist Marina Ribeiro, “make-up removers tend to be biphasic oil and they let residues in the skin, which causes acne problems. That is why micellar water has become indispensable for a lot of people”. Another benefit is that it is very practical: micellar water does not need to be removed of the skin, so you can choose not to use a tonic.


However, the dermatologist enhance that if you use a heavy make up the recommendation is to use the traditional make up remover, to avoid residues in the skin.


Your choice: Have a look at our Top 5 micellar water selection:

1. L’Oréal Paris (200 ml) – R$ 30

2. Eau Micellaire, La Roche-Posay (100 ml) – R$ 30

3. Make B., O Boticário (110 ml) – R$ 40

4. Sensibio H20, Bioderma (100 ml) – R$ 30

5. Triple Action Cleansing Wanter, Sephora (200 ml) – R$ 75


Written by Anna Beatriz Oliveira

Revised by Bárbara Muniz