Being a Twin: Meet some Casperians that Live the Life in Plural

Having a twin brother is a matter that it is always interesting as it arouses the curiosity of most people. After all, who doesn't want to know how is it to have someone identical to you? However, not all twins are identical, although they are similar looking. This is the difference between identical and fraternal twins.

The first are developed on the same ovule, by the same spermatozoon, so they have the same genes, and that turn they almost identical.

The fraternal twins are developed on two ovules, and by two spermatozoa different, so they are not necessarily identical, but share similar traits.

In any of the cases, the connection between twins is bigger than between siblings.

The twin sisters Tainá Senno Ribas and Maiara Senno Ribas, both Public Relations juniors, confirm that. They have an older sister, but ensure that the connection between twins is bigger.

They are fraternal twins to the point that the hair and the mouth as the bigger similarities between them, and the chin, nose and body as bigger differences.

In relation with the personality, they are lively and spontaneous, they have the same humor. “Tainá is more sensible, more understandable and less selfish.  I am more positive and optimist and stiff than her.” said Maiara. According to Tainá, her sister is more radical about her opinions than her.

They don´t like to be confused: “The negative part of be a twin, is when someone confuse us, and think that because one of us made a mistake, the other will do the same thing, doing this generalization.” – says Tainá.

The twins difficultly are seen separated, and they have the same circle of friends, from their old high school, neighborhood and in college.

Credit: Maiara and Taina

Contrasting, the twins Thiago Tassi Clemente (senior in Journalism at Cásper Líbero) and Gabriel Tassi Clemente (freshman in Medicine at USP) had a short separation after the high school:” Going to college, while he was going to the pre-university preparatory school, we suffered a brief separation. But, we are very alike, so today he is integrating with my friends on college, for example.” – said Thiago.

The twins are identical, and love soccer. Gabriel fan of São Paulo and Thiago fan of Palmeiras.  “We always played soccer together, in championships and official competitions. That was cool because we always played on the same position. Me as right field and right-handed, and he as left field and left-handed. This generated good laughter.

According with personality, the difference is about communication. “The bigger difference is the shyness. Thiago always was more extrovert than me. But the similarity is because we like almost all the same things” said Gabriel.

The twins believe that there is not a negative parte in have a twin brother, and stand out the partnership and companionship as more positive aspects.

The fraternal twins Lucas Adorno Mendes (junior in Public Relations at Cásper Líbero) and Carolina Adorno Mendes (senior in Advertising and Marketing at Anhembi Morumbi) agree that the negative part of be a twin is the comparison that they suffer, but they affirm the partnership and confidence stands out.

They had changes on common friendships too: “We are on the same group of friends in because everyone knows each other. But now, on college, we study on different places, we don’t have much of contact with the friends of the twin, but we know who is who.” – They said.

To these twins, the bigger difference between them is the height, and the similarities are the cheek and nose.

Credit: Lucas and Carolina

Fernanda Silva (junior in Journalism at Cásper Líbero) and her twin sister Izabela Silva (junior in International Relations at UFABC) believe that comparisons are inevitable, so they don’t see negative points on be twin. “To have a twin sister is to have a companionship forever, a best friend that lives in your house, a friendship that you never going to lose”. – said Izabela.

They are fraternal twins, and don’t notice many differences regarding their personality: “We think in almost everything on the same way, on style, music, and goals. That is inevitable too, because we grow up on the same place. Maybe Izabela is more insistent than me”. – said Fernanda.

They mix their friends, and according to Fernanda:”Izabela is more Casperian than many Casperians around”.

According to them, physically, the height, face shape and body are the difference, while the smile is the biggest resemblence.

Credit: Fernanda and Izabela

Isabella Cuppoloni (junior in Public Relations at Casper Líbero) and Andrea Cuppoloni (junior in Pharmacy at Oswaldo Cruz) have just the nose as similarity. But, about differences, they have a lot! “Virtually everything is different! The texture and color of our hair, mine is curly and brown, and Isabella’s hair is straight blond hair. The eye is different on the shape and color, I have a slightly pulled and brown eye and, she has round and green eyes. The body has too difference, I’m skinnier than Isabella. Our similarity is just the nose!” – said Andrea.

They are fraternal twins, and have different friendship groups, few are in common.

According to them, about personality, Isabella is more sociable, sportiest and agitated. However, Andrea is calmer and more logical. But, both are friendly, loving and humanitarian.

They affirm that like to be twin, mainly because of the companionship. “We are always together, and always we united against our mother (laughs)” – said Isabella.

Credit: Isabella and Andrea