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Behind The Scenes Atlética’s 2016 Clothing Collection

The hallways of Casper are looking extra red and white this week. Atlética has just launched its new clothing collection that includes one hoodie, two sweatshirts, two snapbacks, one boxer shorts, one sweat shorts, and a beanie.

Helena Brites, PR student, is one of the students responsible for the line. She explained how it’s made, some curiosities and what we can expect from the future lines.

“Me, Luana Maronezi, Flávia Grunwald (Atlética’s President) and Marco Mazza (Vice President) started thinking about the line in the end of December, we looked for references in colleges outside the country” – said Helena – “It’s basically a 3 months process from getting the right references, finding the company to produce it, and get the sales schedule decided” – Complements Her.


This year collection came with some innovations, such as pockets on both boxer and sweat shorts, and neither has “Casper” written on it. And for the first time: a beanie.

“Every year we try to bring something new, but this year was quite a big change. We introduced a little bit of gray on the hoodie, also we made more use of the “Homem Pássaro” figure with his wings on the sweat shirts and his face on the shorts.” Explains Helena – “Innovating is fun but we always have to take care so the collection doesn’t miss its major point, represent Casper”.

When asked about the student body reaction, Helena smiled and said that they were very pumped about their new piece, the beanie – her included. And she also commented on some things we can expect for futures collections. “Well socks would be a piece very likely to happen, and a lot of the girls have been asking for bikinis to wear at Novembeer, those would very fun to create, but we don’t have anything planned yet.”


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