Because June Is One Of The Best Times Of The Year

Well, guys, it finally came: welcome, June! We entered the sixth month of the year and I couldn’t be happier, because this is one of my favorite times of all. I keep telling my friends this, but they think I’m only saying that because my birthday is on the 18th of June. Of course, this detail really made my appreciation about the month even bigger, but that is not the only reason, ok? Let me make my point clear to you.

First of all, June is when autumn ends and winter begins in the south hemisphere, so we have a lot of chill and cloudy days - which are perfect for a good nap, hot chocolates and Netflix. Some people prefer the summer, but I think we need to be thankful for the cold days in Brazil, if you know what I mean.

Also because of the cold, it’s that time when you can finally wear winter outfits, such as sweaters, hoodies, beautiful scarfs and cute pajamas. As a result, you can always feel comfortable wherever you are, even at home. Furthermore, people don’t get all sweaty in public transportation or when they are walking on the streets, which is a good thing too.

June also is the last month of the term, so is very close to the vacations! Furthermore, in Brazil we celebrate this time of the year with a very cool party: Festa Junina (June Fest). This kind of celebration lasts until the end of the month and involves a lot food, like corn cakes, vinho quente (hot wine with cinnamon and apples), corn, canjica (a sweet made of corn, milk and cinnamon), arroz doce (sweet rice), cuscuz (made of corn flour, tomatoes and eggs) and strawberries with chocolate on the stick.

The party also has a typical dance, which is the quadrilha, where people get in pairs and dance in a circle. The event usually includes fire pits, fireworks and balloons. It’s the perfect time to be with your friends and family and loved ones to enjoy the period, which brings me to the next good point.

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Different from other countries, in Brazil we celebrate the Valentine’s Day in 12th of June. So, the month has a romance touch within for those who want to celebrate their relationship exchanging gifts and having a special day with the one you love. Another nice thing is that a lot of sport competitions start of have its finals at June, like the World Cup, NBA and the Champions League. So if you are a sports fan, this is totally your month. On the 28th of June, the LGBTQ+ community celebrates the Pride Day, when people can exalt their sexuallity and show their resistance.

So that’s it, guys! June is a period for every kind of taste. It reunites people with its celebrations and gives us good memories. I know there are other good period along the year, like Christmas or New Year’s Eve, but June will always have a special place in my heart and maybe in yours after reading this text. Cheers to June!