The Beatles, Music and Love: "Yesterday" Review

This year, many producers and writers are catching the movie fans with productions about the career and life of big international bands and singers. In one more composition, this time in a different tone of the movies ever seen, Yesterday brings a story of Jack Malik, a young man in love with music who suffers a bus accident and wakes up in a world where no one, except for him, remembers the existence of The Beatles.

The lyrics have an important meaning in his life that thrill and give the movie a slightly musical tone as we can see, through Jack’s eyes, how people react to hearing The Beatles for the first time (again). To them, he is an amazing composer. 

But the fact that nobody remembers who John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr is, is incomprehensible to him. Because of that, he starts searching on Google to make sure that these people were lying. In the end, to his surprise, The Beatles really don't exist anymore.

From there, a tone of comedy begins to take over the story, drawing more and more people to find out what would happen next. As Jack realizes that he is the only person in the world who remembers their existence, he decided to invest in his career as a musician, singing the songs from 13 Beatles’ albums. 

After some shows, Jack was discovered by a producer who offered him an opportunity to record a CD with all the songs, which piqued the curiosity of TV presenters and even singer Ed Sheeran. From then on, Jack's partnership with Ed made him well known and dear to the world.

Image Source: IMDb

And he doesn’t walk alone on this journey. He has Ellie Appleton, who was his agent and best friend before the blackout, and is a teacher in this madness of world oblivion. Even if she doesn't follow him on the road, she has always been by his side.

But love could make Jack's whole life go wrong. Ellie had always been in love with Jack, but with a busy career, was very hard for him to realize that. Of course, in the movie we can see that he likes her too, but a small fight between them was able to create some distance and possibly end Jack's dream of a singer.

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He wasn’t shaken by it, though. He had disagreements during his career, but the songs he sang showed his feelings for everything in this life. He had a second chance and that one only had to look deeper that the solution could be there. 

And it's this background that Jack can meet with John Lennon. Their portrayal of the singer was amazing. His meeting with John gives him a light for his life were he could choose the best alternative for him. Music or love? I need to choose one or I can have both? John gives him an option and he follow it until the end. 

So with this little review, I can say that the movie has big surprises, emotions, romance, adventure, laughter and good Beatles’ songs. Even if you're not a Beatles fan, you can enjoy and have a lot of fun with the movie. It's worth watching, either way.