Basic Products and Steps for Your Skincare Routine

Way before that favorite foundation or the must have concealer of your favorite makeup brand, keeping a soft and healthy skin requires some simple and indispensable steps. They will provide uniformity to the final makeup and ensure it will stay on until the end of the day.

Here are three basic steps for you to follow on your daily routine, with simple and easy-finding products that will certainly make a difference.

Step 1: Cleaning it up – Makeup Remover and Facial Soap

In order to remove any makeup residue from the day before, makeup removers set our first step: important, although needless if you’ve already taken off all that waterproof mascara. There are plenty options available on the market: liquid, oiled, balms and wipes. Pick up the best for your needs.

1. Waterproof Makeup Remover by LUMI | R$22,80 at LUMI Cosmetics

2. Biphasic Makeup Remover by Marina Smith for Sephora | R$53,00 at Sephora Brasil

3. Makeup Remover Wipes by Nivea | R$16,90 at Ikesaki

Then it’s the facial soap time: also with plenty options available - liquids, in bars and specifically for every skin type, some of them are ALSO makeup removers. They play an important role here, being our first step when there’s no reason to use makeup removers, all developed for the face needs.

1. Liquid Facial Soap by Neutrogena | R$14,90 at Lojas Americanas

2. Effaclar Facial Bar Soap for Oily Skins by La Roche-Posay | R$29,27 at Walmart

3. Liquid Facial Soap for Normal to Dry Skin by Dermotivin | R$29,89 at Submarino

Step 2: Go Deeper – Face Toner

Although face toners could be included on the cleaning step, once their duty is to remove every little trace of dirty still remaining on your skin, they still have treating skills and potentialize the moisturizer action - our third and last step. 1. Face Toner by Vult | R$22 at Lojas Americanas

2. Astringent Face Toner for Oily Skins by Granado | R$46,15 at Netfarma

3. Face Toner to Normal-Dry Skin by Nivea | R$27,25 at Walmart

Step 3: Like a Peach – Moisturizer

No doubt, THAT IS the funniest step: filing multiple shelves at the stores and driving you to hesitation with the scents to choose, moisturizers maintain your skin soft and younger-looking. You can find them on four basic options: cream, gel, serum and fluid.

1. Umbu Facial Serum by L’Occitane au Brésil | R$89 at L’Occitane

2. Moisturizing Gel by Clinique | R$105 at Sephora Brasil

3. Moisturizing Cream by Nivea | R$18,18 at Drogaria Onofre