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Back to School: 5 Stationery Items That Can Help You Organize Better

Sometimes we let our lives be a complete mess, especially when we have so many school or college activities, homeworks and tests. So, in order for your academic life to be more controlled by yourself, there are some items that may help you organize better, and most of them are free!


Having a calendar in your study space is VERY important! And bigger is better, so you can see exactly what you have in that month. You can draw it by yourself or print some on the internet. My tip is: take the calendar you want to a graphic store so they can print in a bigger size, then you can even frame it. Here are some links where you can find cute calendars:

2020 Calendar by My Only Sunshine (with days)

2020 Calendar by My Only Sunshine (without days)

2020 Calendar by Cecilia & Sebastian Paper Company

2021 Calendar by Cecilia & Sebastian Paper Company

You can print one month at a time or the entire year! When you have an entire view of your month commitments, it is easier to see when to make an appointment or when you have that school work deadline, for example.

Post-its/Sticky notes

Post-its are the #1 stationary product that you need! You can write anything in it and stick on your computer, calendar, book,  desk, even in your mirror! You can stick it ANYWHERE!

So make sure to write something really important that you need to remember and then put somewhere you can see, so it is impossible to forget!

You really do not have to spend money on post-its if you do not want to. You can just print it too! Works like this: you choose a type of post-it that you like, then print it. After this, put some glue (I suggest that you use the glue stick, so it cannot get gluey) and stick where you want. Some models that you may like: 

Stick Note by Nuskyna

Stick Note by May Furtado

Another idea: just take a piece of paper, cut it and put glue behind it.


Planners are very important for who wants to stay organized. You can buy some of your taste or just print one. There are some links below that you may want to print, because they are so cute!

Weekly Planner

Simply Weekly Planner by Bobbi Printables

Weekly Planner by Saturday Gift

Daily Planner

Daily Student Planners by Emma Studies

If you prefer to write your weekly or daily planner, that is perfect too!


You can put every type of board on your study desk, but with the corkboard you can stick notes, photos and motivation quotes, for example. You can also put your planner and calendar there! A corkboard can be found at any stationery store. 

Color Code

To finish this list, you can also create a color code for your school or college subjects! Each color of a pen means one subject, but you can use the same color and separate the subjects in groups, so you do not need to have lots of markers. Here is an example: blue is for Exact Sciences (like Physics and Math), yellow is for Language Sciences (here you can put Portuguese, Spanish, English, French…) and pink is for Miscellaneous (like appointments, supermarket shopping, Youtube videos…).

I really hope that this list may help you to be (or stay) organized! It has been a difficult time during quarantine, and with our life organized, especially our academic life, it may help you be more relaxed and not so stressful.


The article above was edited by Mel Trench

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