Autumn And Winter Guide For 2018: 10 Biggest Trends For These Seasons

Autumn and winter are the best seasons to be snuggled up in cozy sweaters watching Netflix during the whole weekend. However, even in the coldest days, we must get out of bed and continue working and studying. Autumn and winter outfits aren’t just a bunch of layers of dark monochromatic clothes. In fact, it’s totally possible to be stylish, cozy and warm, wearing pieces that show to the world your own personality. In our autumn/winter fashion trends guide, you’ll find out a selection with what’s new from fashion weeks to street style. You can choose the ones that matches your personal style (and, with luck, many of these trends can be found in your mother’s closet). See our guide below!

1. Dressed up like Cher

The film “Clueless”, with the iconic character Cher Horowitz played by Alicia Silverstone, has taken over the New York and Paris Fashion Weeks, from runaways to the street style. The specific yellow plaid brings a 90’s nostalgia and is the perfect match of classic and grungy styles. You can dress it up if you pair a skirt and a blazer with the same plaid, with a panty house and high-heel boots. The look can be modern if you choose a black fake leather jacket instead, with some grungy boots. If yellow is not your kind of color, you can wear checked pieces in basic tones, such as black or gray.

Image Source: Pinterest

2. Tailor’s

In the same vibe as the Clueless looks, another trend is tailored clothes, mainly blazers and trousers. You can wear them matching with one another or choose a basic shirt or sweater to match the classic and preppy look. This trend is totally wearable to meetings or a day at the office. For a modern touch, try tailored trousers with a graphic t-shirt and some boots – your outfit will be perfect for day to night events.

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3. Shiny and colored boots

Talking about boots, they are probably the most loved type of shoes for the autumn and winter. This time, they get a nice and shiny finish: vinil. It’s a good trick of style if you prefer basic outfits, because even if you wear a total black outfit the finish of the boots will pop. If you like adding a color to brighten up a winter outfit, the red or white boots trend will be perfect for you!

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4. The closet gets wild

Forget about the monochromatic and plain fabrics and get inspired by many animal prints from the runaways and streets. Cheetah, zebra and plain faux-fur are the perfect choice for a night out with your girlfriends. The print is a nice and chic way to increment your basic winter outfit. Also, the furr is a trend that never gets old. Instead of the fashion weeks from the last century, the fur used now is fake, as the debate about animal harming goes stronger. Versace, for example, has recently announced that the brand will be fur free from now on.

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5. Beret heads!

We all suffer when the weather gets colder and usually go for winter hats to try protecting our heads from the wind and cold. This season, you’ll be seeing a lot of berets. This accessory is a common piece for many military and police uniforms worldwide. In fashion, it gives a French touch for the outfit, with the benefits of keeping you warm and hiding part of your hair in bad-hair days. Along with this trend, the baker boy hat is getting popular. This type of hat is similar to the beret, except for the flap. This one is a great option if you’re afraid of trying different types of hats and already wear caps.

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6. Cold and sunnies

The cold weather doesn’t mean it’s cloudy outside. In reality, winter days can have beautiful blue skies and the sun, which means you have to be prepared (and protected) for that. For your eyes, big black sunnies are probably the most reached option during the season. However, street style outfits are showing us the exact opposite: colored lenses and vintage sunnies. Red and yellow lenses are trendy and adds a discrete pop of color to any outfit. Nostalgia is present in eyewear too: the cat-eye glasses are totally in – and many celebrities are showing them. If you’re lucky, you can find a pair in your mom’s closet.

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7. It’s all about comfort

If being comfy is your winter goal, this trend is for you. The oversized style won the runaways and streets. This is simple to wear and find: you can choose one size up when you’re buying a new jacket, sweatshirt, or t-shirt. Yes, it’s that easy. If you’re new to the trend and prefer fitted clothes, try wearing a loose t-shirt with your loved skinny jeans. If you want to, you can also rock a whole oversized outfit. The key is finding the clothes that work for your body and don’t hide you underneath tons of fabrics. It is a good opportunity to wear comfort jackets and tees from your father or boyfriend.

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8. Puff it

Along with the oversized, the puffer jackets are a growing trend. These jackets, usually for practicing sports in the snow, are worn at the streets and runaways. If you want to balance the sports vibe, you can pair it with a sophisticated outfit, with fake leather trousers and a shirt.

Image Source: Urban Outfitters

9. Red&pink is the new black&white

As you have already seen with the Cher inspired outfits, mixing colors are a trend, no matter what season it is. Instead of choosing a whole black and white outfit, go for a combination of red and millennial pink. These colors go well together and can warm up a winter outfit. If you think it’s too much color for your style, try adding this trend in your makeup. Pair warm browns and reds eyeshadows with rosy cheeks or wear pinky lids with a beautiful red lip.

Image Source: Belle & Bunty

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10. Ultra violet

Lastly, also in the color theme, there is the chosen tone for this year. The Pantone for 2018 is the ultra violet, a vibrant variation of purple that is perfect for the autumn and winter. It goes well with black, white, gray and blue, which are the most common colors for these colder seasons.

Image Source: Lorrine Mondin