"Are you ready for Juca? We are": AAA Jesse Owens Tells Everything About JUCA

In some hours, a big part of Casper's students and friends will all be pridely wearing red and white. Juca (a sport championship) has arrived and with it a bunch of excitement to those who are boarding on one of the more than 15 buses on May 25th.

This is the day the party is starting for almost everyone, except the athletes and also the Atletica team - who have been working hard for quite a long time.Since the beginning of this year, my email box has been fully covered with tons of emails from the Atletica's members.Organizating such a big event, that envolves more than 1400 costumers in a four day trip, is not as easy as it seems - keep in mind it's open bar, so is twice as much work.People, bus, drinks, party atractions, place to sleep, breakfest are a really little piece of everything that needs to be set.Not even mentioning the teams and their effort to their best while playing.

All needs to be set and ready. Atletica wants to honor the 3 editions of Juca that Casper has already own and also work hard to make a good job once again, giving everyone the pportunity to make of these days the time of their life.For this, the member may be ready for non sleeping long nights, opening a lot of beers can, helping a lot of people, and give the best of their work.

It's time to write our history.Juca has arrived.Cásper has arrived.

Are you ready?