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Anitta’s New Album “Kisses” And Her Tricks To Take On The International Market

The Brazilian pop star Anitta surprised everyone this month releasing her trilingual new album: 10 songs and 10 music videos. The album “Kisses” includes songs in Spanish, English and Portuguese, her original language. We can see in the songs and on the music videos different “versions” of Anitta featuring many international famous singers like Snoop Dogg, Becky G and Swae Lee.

“Kisses” not only includes pop songs, even though they are most part of the album. It also includes a calm “bossa nova” song with a famous MPB Brazilian artist: Caetano Veloso. From slow songs and fast pop rhythms, Anitta’s new album has a little bit of everything she has been being working on her career through the past years, with a big “Atencion”, like the name of the very first song, on finding space in the international pop market. She started singing funk in 2010 but has been working on an international career since 2016.

Anitta’s career

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Anitta is from Honório Gurgel in Rio de Janeiro and started singing Brazilian funk in a project called “Furacão 2000”, in 2010. She released the first original songs “Menina Má” and “Meiga e Abusada” around 2012. After the success of those, Anitta signed a contract with Warner Music Group in 2013, releasing her first album “Anitta” along with the song “Show das Poderosas”, which became a big hit in Brazil and made her famous in the country.

The songs were a funk mixed with pop that was well received by the public, at the time there weren’t many singers doing this kind of “pop” work in Brazil. The really dancing and catchy songs made Anitta more famous and she didn´t lose time: the artist released the second record  “Ritmo Perfeito” in 2014, and her first live album “Meu lugar” on the same year.

Crossing the Brazilian borders

In 2015, the Brazilian funk singer started trying to get even closer the pop rhythm, even though she would still dance famous funk songs on the concerts. She released “Bang” with new dancing songs and an even “sexier” Anitta. The huge success of the main single “Bang” and other singles like “Deixa ele sofrer” made her one of the biggest pop artist in brazil. But Anitta didn’t wanted to only be famous in Brazil, she wanted to take on the world.

She started working on her international career in 2016 on the collaboration with the Colombian singer Maluma in “Sim ou não”, but her first song in Spanish, “Paradinha”, in 2017, and her collaboration with Iggy Azalea on “Switch”, on that same year, were the actual start of it.

Check Mate

The big hit “Sua cara” featuring Pablo Vittar and the international DJ Major Lazer, followed by the big project called “Check Mate”, made Anitta an trilingual singer: she started to sing in Portuguese, Spanish and English. On this project, during the last four months of 2017, she released a different single every month.

From slow songs like “Will I see you” to Spanish hits like “Downtown” and fast pop rhythms in English like “Is that for me”, the singer ended the project with the Brazilian funk “Vai Malandra”, filmed on a favela in Rio de Janeiro, showing that Anitta didn’t forget where she came from even with the new international success. The project “Check Mate” had different famous collaborations like Alesso, J Balvin and Tropkillaz.

Anitta is unstoppable. Starting the 2018 year with “Machika”, she released “Indecente”, “Medicina” and the EP solo, three different songs for each language, making huge success with “Veneno”. She ended that year with a Netflix show called “Go Anitta” the talked about her career and daily life.  Meanwhile, she also didn’t stop making collaborations with Brazilian singers and international personalities too.


Even though 2017 and 2018 were great years for Anitta considering the big steps she made in her international career, in 2019 she is going way beyond everything she has ever done. She started the year with songs like “Terremoto” and “Bola Rebola” and already this month, in April, she announced ”Kisses”, after 4 years releasing only an EP and single songs apart from any CD. She came back with a new record with 10 new singles.

The album “Kisses” is already a success. The fearless Anitta prepared the CD to please different publics and to have attention of who doesn’t know her yet, mostly all over the world.  In “Banana” featuring Becky G, the catchy song seems to be a pop that is always been on the market, but that doesn’t mean the public doesn’t love a new pop to dance.

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The song “Onda diferente” featuring Ludmilla and Snoop Dogg is sung in Portuguese and English, and it brings back a bit of the old Anitta funk star. With a lot of “polemic” scenes of different people making out and crazy parties in “Sin Miedo”, and sexy parts when Anitta has no clothes on while laying in the roses on “Rosa”, the album music videos are most really different from each other and very creative.

On the first song “Atencion”, she represents women’s empowerment with the variety of girls with different bodies, skin colors, sizes and hair. Although half of the record is sung in Spanish, and some of those songs can be compared as been too similar, the English songs like “Get to know me”, which on the music video Anitta is by herself dancing with mannequins, and “Poquito”, a slower song, are a great highlight.

The album can be seen as confusing because of the mix of different rhythms and three languages, but Anitta manage to do a great job in each single even if they don’t seem to connect that much with each other.

“Kisses” ends up with a calm song in Portuguese feuturing Caetano Veloso, as mentioned before, which could represent that the now international pop star still cares about her origins and still wants to sing in Brazil and on her first language. Anitta is planning on taking the world, but still cares about her home country.

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