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Album Review: ‘Confetti’, Little Mix’s Sixth Album

Little Mix is back with their new album ‘Confetti’, and we can say that it is in fact a celebration – full of glitter and confetti. The British girl band’s sixth album has 13 pop songs full of energy and empowerment (as always). Once again, the girls showed their power and talent and delivered an amazing album for all their fans.

Leigh-Anne said that making the record “was quite a nice process” and they just went with the flow, not putting pressure on themselves. “It’s not like we’ve overthought it or anything, we’ve just got like really good pop songs on there.

The album, which was scheduled to be released in the summer, ended up being postponed to November 6th because of the Coronavirus situation. A big part of it was produced remotely during the pandemic, but this didn’t stop Jade, Jesy, Leigh-Anne and Perrie from doing an incredible job. Full of upbeat songs, ‘Confetti’ is a party and a celebration, just like Perrie said in an interview to Kiss FM UK.

So now, let’s check the tracklist of Little Mix‘s brand new album!

Break Up Song

‘Break Up Song’ is just that ‘80s feel-good pop fun. It’s very nostalgic”, said Perrie to Apple Music. From a song that talks about ‘break-up’, we should probably expect something quite sad, but ‘Break Up Song’ is far from that. Despite talking about this topic, the song gives an incredible ‘80s vibe and is a great song to dance to. It’s the first song of the record, and the first to be released, back in March – beginning of quarantine – when all of us needed a tiny boost.

The video for the song was recorded separately, with the four of them at their own houses. They improvised some background, ‘80s make-up, hair, clothes and danced a little bit, creating a really good quarantine music video.


For this song, the girls decided to write about being happy with someone and just being sure this person is the one for you. The holiday vibe is in the music video too, in which the girls are dressed as mermaids, giving a real summer feeling.

Holiday’ was released in June and it’s the second single of the album.

Sweet Melody

Sweet Melody’ might be sweet in the name but it’s a bass heavy song, and it’s powerful! Another single from the record that already has an AMAZING music video, the girls did an awesome choreography for this song that just stays in your head playing “doo doo du du doo doo”, besides the dance moves they are also using beautiful outfits, looking as powerful as ever.


The name of the album, and one of the singles, ‘Confetti’ really is a celebratory song. It’s about being independent, feeling good and happy with yourself – always that great motivation we receive from Little Mix.

Perrie had the idea of naming the song confetti, and the girls loved it. “Confetti is sexy. It’s very understated but cool. And we just feel cool listening to it”, she told Apple Music. The song is really full of confidence and empowerment, we can’t wait for a music video for this one!


With beautiful melodies, ‘Happiness’ brings the message that you don’t need somebody to make you feel good, and it’s always great to remind ourselves of that. “I think it’s empowering. It’s like ‘I was searching for happiness. I thought it was with you, but actually it’s just with myself’. It’s the anti-co-dependent bop of 2020″, said Jade.

It’s the kind of song that gives you chills because of the melodies, and the power of the lyrics complement this beautiful song.

Not a Pop Song

This one is really interesting and got us like ‘oh god’ because of lyrics such as “I don’t do what Simons says”. Leigh-Anne told Apple Music they “were sipping a bit of tea when we wrote it”, and yeah, they definitely were.

The song represents what it’s like to be a girl group in the pop industry, and from the lyrics we can really sense that it must not be easy with all the judgment and not being able to be themselves. As Jade said, “There’s so much to us. We deserve credibility and respect” – for sure, they truly do!

Nothing But My Feelings

The song sounds innocent and sweet, just like the girls’ voices in it, but it isn’t. According to Jade, if you really pay attention you are going to notice that the lyrics are, in fact, a bit dirty. It’s empowering for women, for Jade the big chorus is about having a one-night stand and being “Yeah, well done.

Gloves Up

Gloves Up’ has a “getting ready for a fight you know you will win” kind of vibe. Another empowering song from the album that the girls can’t wait to perform. They already said they can imagine opening the concerts with it.

The song was written with songwriter Maegan Cottone, who they also wrote ‘Salute’ with, so you can imagine the power of this song. “If you’re having a really crappy day and you’re not feeling very good about yourself or you are just feeling sad, whatever it is, put ‘Gloves Up’ on and I swear it makes you feel so good, it makes you feel like you can achieve and accomplish anything”, said Leigh-Anne on Little Mix’s Twitter.

A Mess (Happy 4 U)

This song is really sad. It’s about seeing your ex with somebody else, and trying to be happy for them. Even if it sounds happy, the lyrics are truly sad. It’s the kind of song that is really fun to listen to but can be quite upsetting.

My Love Won’t Let You Down

This is it, the ballad of the album. It is truly beautiful and emotional, and the piano completes everything. You can hear each one of the girls shine in this song, in their own unique ways with their amazing voices.

Perrie said that it can be interpreted in many ways, but according to her “it is nice to think we are singing it to each other, like we’ve got each other’s back.


Rendezvous’ is a stripped back song, it’s quite low and has kind of a mysterious feeling. Jade said that it is quite dark, sexy and low, they really went for something different in this one. “It’s exactly about owning your sexuality”, told Jade.

If You Want My Love

If you want my love, work for it”, that’s what Jade said about the song, and we totally agree. It’s about knowing your worth and not letting anyone give you less than what you deserve. It’s full of beautiful vocals and an amazing empowering vibe with the drums giving a powerful feeling.


This is the closest to R&B Little Mix has ever gotten with their music. An amazing song with beautiful vocals, in which it’s possible to clearly hear each of the girls’ voices. “The lyric is ‘I can’t breathe when you are not with me’. You do feel like that after a breakup sometimes. Even though it’s not true – you can survive without him”, said Leigh-Anne. It closes the album perfectly, it just couldn’t be better!

If you haven’t listened to ‘Confetti’ yet, or if you already have but want to listen to it again, you can stream it right now!


The article above was edited by Laura Okida.

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