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“Além do Meme”: Everything We Know About Chico Felitti’s New Podcast

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

For a couple of years now, podcasts had a great increase in their consume by brazilians. There are so many types and subjects out there, like investigation, entertainment and comedy. But now journalism discovered this new format to work with, and that’s exactly what Chico Felitti decided to work with.

Chico’s work

Chico is an investigative reporter, author of the books ‘A Casa’ and ‘Ricardo e Vânia’, known for his Buzzfeed News article about the ‘Fofão da Augusta’. Now he’s proving once again that he can make something so iconic turn into a big journalistic work, this time choosing one of Brazil’s favourite subject, our biggest cultural heritage: memes!

As a part of PapelPop’s newborn podcasts, in complement to their famous one ‘Um Milkshake Chamado Wanda’, they announced on September 3rd three other podcasts, one of them being called ‘Além do Meme’, Chico’s work.

The episodes

With weekly half-hour episodes, the podcast presents interviews with personalities that are well known as memes. You can see many of them such as ‘Beth’, a woman who received a prank call and appeared on a famous radio show; ‘Glitter’, a brazilian drag queen reality show; ‘Cariúcha, a Garota da Laje’, who snapped on TV after losing a contest. And a brazilian icon, the “Grávida de Taubaté

Chico interviewed many memes before the pandemic and travelled the country (and the world) to meet all of them and gathered a bunch of interviews to get inside their stories. He doesn’t only show the meme itself, but tells everything about it, like how it happened and what changes did it make in their lives.

He mixes the interviews with his own narrative, which is quite different from other podcasts formats, like their associates from PapelPop. But Chico makes it so easy to get involved with the story and have some sympathy for the people he’s presenting. It’s almost certain that you will enjoy it just as much as you enjoyed the memes.

The episodes come out every Monday and it’s an Spotify exclusive and free podcast. There are still many stories to come and it’s worth to stick around and find more about those iconic people that turned out to be memes. Go and check it out!


The article above was edited by Beatriz Cristina.

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