After Reputation, What Should We Expect From Taylor Swift's New Colorful Era?

After the incredible and also unexpected Reputation Era, no one really thought that Taylor Swift would surprise us with a new album with a totally different concept! However, once again the singer shocked with the announcement of her new musical project that, even though it doesn’t have a name and debut date yet, already caught the attention of everyone. One proof of this is that a lot of fans are speculating and even creating theories about it... Cool, right? So, to help some of you that are not so into of what is going on with the upcoming album, we did a list of things that we could all expect from Taylor Swift's new colorful era! Ready for it? So check it out below!

During an interview to Entertainment Weekly, Taylor said that she had a wave of inspiration and began to write a lot as the Reputation Tour ended in November. According to her, so many ideas reflect in the size of the album – which will probably be bigger than her previous releases! So, we can all expect to have a lot of tracks...

Image Source: Instagram

Also, the production of the lyrics was so fast that Taylor finished the album very quickly! With that, we can all wonder that she is very excited to show it for us.

Other thing that we will probably see is a very emotional album with songs full of joy but also very sentimental ones that will make everybody cry. We all know that Taylor loves to do this to us, right?

Also, as soon as she released "Me", her newest song, everybody saw that the Reputation vibe was not there anymore and, in its place, everything was very happy, colorful and cute! Guess we will not see a very provocative Taylor anymore like before... But that's ok! After all, everybody knows how hardworking Taylor is. So, just like Reputation, her new project will be as as good as the old ones.

Image Source: Instagram

To finish, there are many hints that we will see some collabs in Taylor’s new album! Why are we saying this? Well, we already know that Taylor does nothing for nothing, and the choice of jacket on the cover of the Entertainment Weekly magazine proves that. Each of the 29 bottoms placed are clues about the mysterious and awaited album. We have bottoms from her favorite series, such as "Friends", "Law &Order", "Grey's Anatomy" and "Game of Thrones"; her cats, Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson, as well as bottoms of Dixie Chicks, Troye Sivan, Selena Gomez and Drake. What do you think it means?