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A style-guide to Carolyn Bassette-Kennedy’s wardrobe

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The 90s fashion never really went away, and Carolyn Bassette-Kennedy, the former PR executive of Calvin Klein and wife of John F. Kennedy Jr. remains the icon when the subject is a capsule wardrobe. Being the reference in the nineties’ minimalism, the PR executive’s style revolved around refinement, sophistication, and an effortless way to do it. She managed to make even the most basic pieces shine and be a protagonist in an outfit in almost a magical way. In this article, we are going to find out how to recreate her style- or try to.

A black top is always a good go-to

We all have heard the phrase “when in doubt, wear black”, and Carolyn would have agreed with it. A simple black v-neck sweater paired with a long beige skirt and brown boots can look extremely fashionable while simple.

An interesting headpiece can pop-up an outfit

Bassette-Kennedy was the queen of minimalism, but that does not translate to being boring. She would often play a little with her casual clothes, and one of the touches that has come to Gen Z’s attention were her playful headbands and bandanas

A timeless good pair of jeans

Blue jeans have been a classic for some time now, with variations of washing, shape, and brands. We all have a favorite fitting, but it is safe to say that the nineties were the decade for jeans. And the queen of 90s herself had a favorite pair of her own. The 517 bootcut Levi’s jeans were her ultimate pair, and it is rumored that she used to buy them at thrift stores.

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A fashionable winter coat

As most of her clothes had a very clean base, in the winter she would often play with prints, bringing a little bit of emotion, making even a basic base an eye-catching outfit. Miuccia Prada‘s signed coats were her favorites, but without any logos, of course. Wearing brands for status was not her thing at all. 

Flip-flops. Yes. 

At this point, it is noticeable how black items were present in all her outfits, and black flip-flops were not an exception to this rule. Her sophisticated style combined classical things and fittings with extreme comfort. And flip-flops walk while holding hands with comfort. 

Sunnies for every occasion

With interesting shapes, this is a topic that has been gaining a lot of Gen Z’s attention together with the headbands. A cool pair of 90s sunglasses is anyone’s dream to this day, and Carolyn had a few of them to call her’s, and we are here for it!

A bold lip with a naked face and no jewel

A lot of her ethereal beauty is from the fact that she almost never wore makeup or jewe. Bassette-Kennedy’s makeup looks were simple and cohesive with her style. Like all of her looks, her makeup was simple. When she did change a bit, she would go for a bold lip color, a classic 90s touch. 

Lots of Little Black Dresses

The concept of the Little Black Dresses has been popular for some time now, and it is one of the main fashion rules of all times. And Carolyn’s capsule wardrobe was full of them, in every shape, fabric, and style. From the most modest one to the most show-stopper. They were simple, but not at all boring. 

And last but not least, a silky touch

A silky finish to a piece has the ability to make anything sexy while still maintaining the outfit polished. This Calvin Klein signed gray dress is just another proof that anything Carolyn Bassette-Kennedy has worn could be worn entirely today. And certainly for many of the years to come.


The article above was edited by Duda Kabzas.

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