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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

What used to be a joke in the past has became a normal way for people to find what they want in their lives: a romantic partner, new friends, a few casual kisses or even more followers on Instagram.

The objective of that article is to give you some basic tips, regardless your sexuality. Are you curious? Let’s check them out!


Choose the app that most fits in with your wishes

Nowadays, there are many dating apps, each with different functions and objectives. Because of that it is necessary to know them and look into the “target audience”. Here are some of the options, based on 2018 recommendations and their functionalities:

Tinder: There is no doubt, Tinder is the most popular application in the world to meet new people. It is VERY easy to use: in the main screen you can see future matches according to your geolocation and if you want to talk to men or women (or both!). If you enjoy someone, just slide it to the right or you do not like it to the left. In addition to these options, those interested can give a ‘Super like’ (it is unlimited only for Tinder Plus) which is used when just Like is not enough. It only is a Match when they give a like to each other.

Badoo: It looks like Tinder (to dislike, slide to the left and to give like, right), however, it is not necessary to give a match with the person to start a conversation, just need to be close to him or her, but you do not know who liked you. In this app, there is also a description of the person about their appearance.

Happn: This app lets you find people who have crossed your path in real life. If the person of Happn caught your attention, their profile will appear. The good thing about the app is the display of the people who crossed your path along with the time and place. So, if you like someone, just give Like and they will only know if likes you too. In addition, you can risk your luck in CrushTime, in which there are 4 people who crossed your path and the goal is to hint who liked you. 

Bumble: With the idea to change the negative image of relationship apps, only women can take the first step. So, in heterosexual connections, women will have 24 hours to message and men 24 hours to answer. If someone does not follow this step, the connection disappears. In homosexual connections, either side has 24 hours to take the first step and the other 24 hours to respond. In addition, there is the option for those who are just looking for friends: Bumble BFF.

Fem: This is a new application for lesbian and bisexual dating, a great way to meet new people, make new friends, talk, meet single person, socialize in chats and make appointments. To use it just scroll through the available videos, like in the lower right corner if the person calls your attention and, if she also likes you, form a combination so you can start the conversation.

Select your best picture

Obviously, the concept of ”best” depends exclusively on your personal taste! Every app asks for some photos so that there is a physical attraction. Because of that, choose your favorite photos in the profile – it is always good to select some pictures showing your face.

It’s important to say that if you have insecurities with yous apparence, just don’t select any images. The platforms were created with the intention of increasing self-esteem and not to create an environment of insecurity. And do not pretend to be someone else!

Note: Choose at leat 5 or 6 pictures.

Do not be afraid to take initiative

In mixed gender apps such as Tinder, Badoo and Happn, it is very common for men to take initiative after the famous Match. However, in lesbian relationships, it takes a little longer for those involved to start a conversation, so do not be proud! If you liked the boy or girl and neither of you sent a message yet, do not be afraid to take initiative.

Stay tuned to geolocation

A very important tip for you who just started using this kind of apps is to always set up your profile for the appearance of future suitors. Because of that, remember to set a radius of at most 10 km!

Obviously if you do not see problem to go farther for a date and you are interested in meeting people from other regions, go ahead.

Pay attention to the age group

This is one of the most important tips! Let’s use an example to get easier: Imagine you’re 18, okay? If you are that age, don’t you think it could be kinda strange to charter 40-year-olds? (really sugar daddy, right?) To avoid certain frustrations, select an age range equivalent to your age, using the previous example, 18 years-25 years! Do not overdo it too much.

Do not turn into a meme!

If this is your dream then just skip this tip! But if it’s not, just don’t put very cheeky descriptions on your profile, such as ”I’m very short-haired, blue eyes and tal ”, ”Medicine for love ” or ”Aries is the best sign”. Be creative, but do not go to the cliché side, think like this ”If I saw a legend like this, would I enjoy it or would I find it silly?’

Connect with other social medias

Who said that Instagram cannot help you? Relationship apps can boost your followers! Who does not love stalking the crush on another social network? Even if you did not give someone a Match or this person didn’t like you back, you can still follow and get to know each other. 

Connecting Snapchat’s Bitmoji to your account can also contribute to passing a image that you’re funny. If that is the case, bet on the option!

Adding your Spotify playlist is also something very interesting, because many people like to know the musical taste of the other person. 

Do not put your WhatsApp number


Never think about it, especially if you are heterossexual! Do not get into the illusion that cool men can call you, because the vast majority of cases are older men who do not accept the fact that they have been rejected in a app (or real life). You can be sure that you will only lose patience by putting your number, besides that it can also be dangerous.

Tell someone about your date 

Look how cool and exciting can be to meet someone interesting for the first time, right? But do not forget to tell someone you trust about this meeting, because it is what everyone must have heard: “nobody is in real life what they show on the internet” and we should not blindly trust anyone. Do not take the risk!

Just to sum up, let’s review some important points about dating in general:

  1. If a person is not making the slightest concern of seeing you, do not insist! Avoid talking to someone you meet the last time or do not show excitement when talking to you.
  2. Investigate the person in other social networks! But remember: if you were not invited/did not ask to continue the chat on Instagram or if the person did not want to add you on Twitter, keep your distance. 
  3. Especially in heterosexual connections: do not give attention to those who are just asking for your photo. Take a look at the person’s biography.
  4. If you are interested in someone who can not set up a meeting in a public place, stay alert and take care!
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