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8 Trendy Hair Accessories And How To Wear Them

Hair accessories are in right now. Our precious locks have long been asking for some attention and trends and now they’re here and came in full force. Don’t worry if you can’t choose between all of the options, the rule is that there are no rules, the more the better. Get your hair game on, girl!

Hair clips

The days of hiding hair pins are over, they’re about to be your new favorite fashion statement. You can let your imagination run free by mixing and matching all sizes, shapes and colors of them. Go as wild as you want. A pearl clip is a very chic way to take your first steps in the trend, stack a few and you’ll be turning heads.

Written hair pins

Get your sparkles on! The bedazzled written hair pins will make you shine. Whether you are feeling like a sweet gal or a boss bitch, this trend suits all of your moods. Individual letters can also be found to purchase, so you can literally let the world know what you’re thinking.


Scarves now belong on your hair. There are many ways of styling them. If you own a smaller one you can use it as a bandana or wrap around a hair bun or ponytail. If you have a larger one you can braid it with your hair and leave the edges hanging for a very boho look.


Scrunchies are back, baby! Who would have thought these beauties, that used to adorn our hairs and wrists back in the nineties, would be making such a comeback and adorning heads all over the internet. No right or wrong here, just have fun with all the colors and let nostalgia take you.

Chunky headbands

Kate Middleton knows what’s up. The Duchess of Cambridge graced us with a new fashion favorite: chunky headbands. Those are the perfect addition to your more classic looks, bringing that extra dose of edginess without being too extreme. Or if you’re feeling more playful go for some neon colors and pair them with sporty pieces for an exceptional high-low look.


Time to celebrate. This charming accessory is no longer just for little girls and their dolls, bows are for everyone now! Need proof? Look up Hailey Bieber’s MET Gala look for this year and get inspired. Get yourself a pretty bow, in neutral colors and fine fabrics like velvet and you’ll feel fancy in a minute. Just remember not to place them on top of your head so you don’t end up accidentally looking like a cheerleader or the new JoJo Siwa in town.

Styling tricks 

I live for some styling tricks (don’t we all?). Lazy girls around the world have been heard and the fashion market graced us with two magical hair accessories. First up is the scrunchie-scarf. This is a great trick if you’re not willing to compromise on a scarf, some scrunchies and hair ties come with a lose fabric end so you get the same effect without spending that much. The second is the wrapped-up headband. These beauties come with an already tied knot on top of them so you can have all the charm of it without the hassle of trying to tie a scarf up yourself.


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