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8 TikTok Challegens To Try During Quaratine

The quarantine caused by the pandemic of the new coronavirus has caused many people to join TikTok, a video app that has been very successful because of some challenges.

So far, many people (including the famous ones) are having fun while using the app during their free time and it’s quite easy to join them. The secret is to don’t be shy and and, to help you, we decided to list some of the most famous and funny challegens. Are you ready?


First, it is possible to say that the vast majority of people who joined TikTok started making videos of challenges involving dance choreographies. One of them, for example, is the one where people dance (and sensualize) to the sound of “Savage”, by the singer Megan Thee Stallion. Have you tried it?


This is an old challenge, but it has returned to success in recent days. In it, an agitated and funny (sometimes hideous) performance is the secret of success!


This is also an old challenge, but many people did it again as TikTok started to be successful. The name says a lot, right? But basically you can’t touch the floor because it is lava!


This was created by Justin Bieber himself, who, after creating his TikTok account, published a series of challenges with his own songs. In it you can just dance to the sound of “Come Around Me” with friends, family or partners!


In this challenge, two people appear dancing and, when the lights turn off, the clothes, hairstyle and accessories changes between them. It’s very easy and also funny to do with friends or partners!


Perhaps this challenge is one of the funniest! Having Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Fuck” as the soundtrack, when the song stops it’s possible to change the situations in which people are inserted in the video. Look!


In this one, people can play with a very funny filter where you can change your apperance from very young to old.

#NakedChallenge / #nkdchallenge

And finally, the craziest! The name #NakedChallenge says a lot, right? Well, in this challenge you need to be literally naked and appear in front of your girlfriend or boyfriend without warning. People’s reactions are the best part!

So, which one will you try to do first?


The article above was edited by Anny Caroline.

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