8 Free Courses You Can Do While In Quarantine

In times of social isolation due to the new Coronavirus, the search for online courses increased a lot and people started to get more interested in it, since activities outside their house are being avoided. Due to that, here are 8 different online courses that you can start right now.

  1. Nowadays, more than ever, we are exposed to fake news all the time and sometimes we don’t even realize it. So, if you still have some difficulties in noticing if a text is fake or not, the free online course “Vaza Falsiane” has everything you need! This way, you learn how to identify fake news or any kind of misinformation. In the end, you can get a certificate for free.

  2. Curso em Vídeo” is a course for everyone and has a lot of different proposals. If you are interested in programming, Photoshop, algorithm, building sites and also working with the word or excel this platform has everything. The best part is: everything is for free and you can get a certificate.

  3. If you are interested in learning another language, “Headstart 2” is a course provided by DLIFLC (Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center) that groups 50 different languages. Besides learning grammar, listening and writing you can also learn about the culture of the countries which speaks the chosen language. 

  4. Sign language is a subject that every day more and more people get interested in learning, due to establishing equity with those who communicate through sign. “Escola Virtual” is a government portal which provides many online free courses that include certificates and one of their courses is about Brazilian Sign Language.

  5. Study health and medicine in times of sanitary crises it’s never too much. So, if you like this kind of subject, you should check the Online Courses from Harvard University, it has 19 free courses treating multiples topics about health, each one of them giving you a certificate for free.

  6. This course is to people that love eating but are kind of a disaster in the kitchen. In “Learncafe” you can learn a lot of different recipes from the simple one to the more difficult, and you can also learn some tricks that will help you in simple activities while you are cooking. All the lessons are for free, only the certificate has a cost. 

  7. This is one of many other free online courses that Google provides. Digital marketing is a subject that is growing, especially in this moment of social media and quarantine. This kind of business affects everyone even if we don’t notice, but we are always dealing with digital marketing. So if you are interested you should give it a try, think that you can get a certificate for free. 

  8. Personal financial is not a thing that most people are familiar with, but is incredibly special for our lives, to organize them and avoid committing mistakes that can cause a lot of troubles in the future. Thinking of that the “Fundação Bradesco” together with the “Escola Virtual” created an entire course for free (including a certificate) in which you can learn everything about Personal Financials.


This text was edited by Amanda Oestreich.

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