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#7 Vitiligo Accounts You Must Follow On Instagram

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

Vitiligo is a chronic, genetic and autoimmune skin condition that affects the melanin coloration, causing loss of pigmentation in the affected area of the body and resulting in spots. According to the Vitiligo Research Foundation, around 100 million people worldwide suffer from it. Many of them have difficulty to handle these differences in their skin appearance and have complicated situations to explain to others about the disease, but this shouldn’t be a problem. Bodies with vitiligo are beautiful too, and should be embraced and valued!

To keep you informed about vitiligo, share experiences, self-love, and pride of your personal spots, here is a list of amazing Instagram accounts to follow up. 

1. @rhea_agrawal

Rija Agrawal is an Indian vitiligo influencer who shares videos about her daily life and highlights self-love. In combat with the idea of aesthetical prejudices, she stresses: “I wish to share my personal stories and raise public awareness”, a comment made for the digital intersectional feminist media organization Feminism in India.

2. @doseofjass

Jasmine is an American influencer who makes content about self-care, self-confidence, fashion, motherhood and makeup tutorials. “My goal is to help empower women and men that look like myself or even struggle with certain insecurities”, she shared in her Instagram post telling a bit about her journey with vitiligo.

3. @bevictoriious

Victoria is a Korean American influencer who makes content about makeup products, tutorial makeup, motherhood and informing about her segmental vitiligo. “I hope my work inspires others to be confident and to love themselves”, she said, telling her story in an Instagram post to the profile @vitiligo_stories.

4. @ma.ishimoto

Márcia Ishimoto is a Brazilian model, photographer, and influencer who shares about fashion, motherhood, self-love, and information about vitiligo. “I actually started to accept myself with vitiligo because of a photo shoot. That’s where I discovered myself” she relates in a YouTube video for the channel Minha Segunda Pele.

5. @i.tiffanytaylor

Tiffany Taylor is an American influencer who shares content about healthy eating, her fitness routine, and her pride about her skin. “I want other people who have vitiligo to see that you don’t have to let vitiligo control your life,” she said in a video interview for Good Morning America (GMA), where she told how it was like to develop vitiligo as black woman.

6. @barbarhat

Barbahat Sueyassu is a Brazilian model who reinforces skin positivity movement and shows her lifestyle. She makes dynamic photos always highlighting her spots, makes informative content, and has a highlight in her profile answering several questions about vitiligo that bring curiosity to her followers. “I think vitiligo is my biggest political act”, she relates in a YouTube video for the Armário do Bem channel, in which she tells a bit of her story and trajectory of acceptance.

7. @vitiligo.beauty

The last recommendation is this amazing profile that hosts stunning pictures of different people around the world with vitiligo. If you have photographed someone with vitiligo or have this condition yourself, you can complement this feed with your beautiful photo!


The article above was edited by Giovana Lins Barbosa.

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